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How Do I Receive Faxes by Email?

With eFax®, you can conveniently receive faxes in your email inbox. When someone sends a fax to your virtual fax number, the fax will appear as an email from eFax with the fax itself attached.

Receive a Fax by Email

A copy of the fax is also delivered to your eFax Message Center, so you can access your faxes online even when you don’t have access to email.

Note: If you have eFax Protect, enabled with AES 256-bit encryption, you will be able to view your received faxes only by logging in to the MyPortal Messenger Center.

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Change the File Format of Fax Attachments Sent via Email

You can choose to have faxes delivered in one of three different file formats:

To Change Your Fax File Format

Note: This change will only affect faxes received after the new file format is selected. Faxes received prior to this change will remain unchanged.