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With eFax, you have the power to send and receive faxes online without a physical fax machine. No more missed faxes or busy signals — eFax lets you fax right from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Plus, you can access your faxes anywhere with our free mobile fax app.

No matter how you fax, eFax gives you the features and benefits you need to stay connected and be productive.

eFax Protect, our highly encrypted secure online fax solution, allows heavily regulated industries to gain HIPAA compliance, including having a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) in place.

Businesses depend on fax everyday to send and receive documents. eFax Protect ensures they have the security and compliance they need when faxing from our iOS and Android mobile apps, our eFax Messenger tool, and our MyPortal web app.

✔ Enhance the security of your fax communications and maintain compliance with applicable requirements under HIPAA, GLBA and SOX.

✔ Utilize AES 256-bit encryption to ensure data remains secure and protected from unauthorized access during transmission.

✔ Searchable PDFs allow you to search for specific keywords or phrases for more streamlined document management.

As businesses grow more reliant on mobile devices and apps to conduct transactions and stay connected with customers, the demand for mobile-friendly design increases. In order to keep up with the competition, businesses must adapt their websites and apps to be accessible from any device. This can be a challenge, but it’s necessary to remain competitive in today’s business landscape.

The eFax Mobile Fax App lets you quickly and easily send and receive faxes from your smartphone or tablet. The easy-to-use application also lets you sign fax documents with your finger and add a handwritten signature, while the free online storage lets you organize and access your faxes from anywhere.

Feature Benefits:

Faxing is an important aspect of business communication, and toll-free numbers make your businesses appear more professional and established. You can get a nationwide presence simply by choosing a toll-free fax number.

With eFax, you can get a toll-free number for your business that will make it easy for your customers to reach you. Your company can present itself as an established business and ensures that your customers can easily contact you, regardless of where they’re located.

Feature Benefits:

Local fax numbers give customers a direct line to your business and help to establish a local reputation. Having a local number shows that you are invested in the community and helps customers feel more connected to your business. Additionally, having a local fax number can also make it easier for customers to find you in the phone book or online.With eFax, you can have a local fax number in any area code, giving you and your customers an easier, more flexible way to stay connected.

Feature Benefits:

Most people are familiar with the traditional way of sending and receiving faxes – by using a physical fax machine. While this method is still popular, it has some disadvantages, such as the need for a dedicated fax line and the fact that you can’t access your faxes from anywhere.

The challenge with many storage solutions is that they are often limited and can fill up quickly, especially if you need to store a lot of documents. This is why eFax offers free online storage for your online faxes. With eFax, you’ll never have to worry about losing important faxes or running out of space, and you can access your faxed documents from your Message Center portal online from a web browser.

Feature Benefits:

Electronic signatures are a vital part of doing business in today’s modern digital landscape. They allow companies to sign documents and contracts quickly and easily without having to worry about printing, scanning, and faxing them. Additionally, electronic signatures are more convenient than traditional handwritten signatures, and they can be used for a variety of purposes, such as invoicing, purchase orders, and legal contracts.

With eFax, you can easily add an electronic signature to any document before sending it. This way, you can sign documents electronically without having to print them out. You can also save your signature so that it’s accessible for any future documents.

Feature Benefits:

While faxing documents is still a popular way to do business, having to maintain a physical fax machine is a hassle. Fax machines require a dedicated phone line and are difficult to service, especially if you have multiple offices. Another issue with fax machines is that you can’t access your documents from anywhere – you have to be at the machine in order to send or receive a fax.

The eFax Messenger desktop application is a great way to send and receive faxes without having to worry about a physical machine. With eFax Messenger, you can edit and send faxes from your PC with no fuss. The application lets you easily view, edit, crop, highlight, sign, and send your faxes without ever needing to print or scan them.

Feature Benefits:

Organizing your contacts is important for any business. With so many people to keep track of, it can be difficult to remember who is who and how to get in touch with them. This is where a convenient address book that’s easily accessible regardless of where and when you need to access it comes in handy.

The eFax address book is a great way to keep track of your contacts and their information. No matter where you are, efficiently access your contacts lists from either your eFax account login or through the mobile app. If you have current contact lists, we can easily integrate them into your eFax account.

Feature Benefits:

Not only does eFax include a number of other great features, but it also connects to several popular cloud storage services. As a result, you can easily pull items from your favorite cloud apps and attach them to your fax message before sending them when using the eFax mobile app.

The combination of your eFax service with fax from cloud storage capability means you can fax any type of file from anywhere – even from your smartphone or tablet while you’re on the go. If there are certain files that you need to fax regularly – to prospects, partners, vendors, or employees – no problem! With cloud storage send capability, you can keep these files in external cloud apps and then easily fax them straight directly from the eFax Mobile App.

Feature Benefits:

We’ve all been there before. You take the time to prepare a large presentation or high-resolution images only to find out that the file you’re trying to send is too big for your email. This can be frustrating, especially if you’re on a tight timeline and need to get the file to its recipient as soon as possible.

With eFax, you can easily share files that are too big to send via email. While most email clients only allow for attachments up to 25MB, eFax lets you send files up to 3GB in size. This means that you can easily share presentations, images, videos, and other files without having to worry about compressing files or using a separate file-sharing service.

Using eFax, you can send a downloadable link to up 20 different email addresses at once and won’t have to worry about the link expiring for three months. You’ll also be given notice as soon as the file has been downloaded.

Feature Benefits:

Many businesses use multiple email addresses in order to keep track of different departments or projects. This can be a great way to stay organized, but it can also be difficult to keep track of which email address you need to use when sending a fax.

With eFax, you can easily send a fax using up to five email addresses. This is a very useful feature if you need to send a fax from multiple departments, or if you’re working on a project with a team and need everyone to have a copy of the fax.

Feature Benefits:

When you’re looking for a specific fax, the last thing you want to do is have to page through a pile of paper. It’s time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you’re in a hurry.

With eFax, finding a particular fax is easier than ever using different criteria such as keywords, date received or sent, and the recipient’s name. You can also organize your faxes by tagging them with personal keywords for even quicker retrieval.

Feature Benefits:

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