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eFax lets you send and receive large fax files by email, online, or even from your smart phone – without printing or scanning a single piece of paper. And that’s pretty cool. But you might be wondering, “What happens to my faxes after I’ve sent or received them electronically? Are they stored somewhere? Could I easily access them months later, if I had to?” Thanks to the eFax® Online Storage and Retrieval features – both included free with your eFax account – you can!

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With Online Storage, eFax stores almost every fax you send or receive, securely in the cloud, for as long as you’re a subscriber. And with eFax’s Online Retrieval, you’ll be able to search for and access any of those faxes online, from your secure, password-protected eFax Message Center

Securely Store Your Faxes Online

Whenever you send or receive a fax through your eFax service, we will automatically store a copy in your cloud storage account — along with all relevant data relating to that fax, including date and time of transmission and name of recipient or sender. This Online Storage feature is free.

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