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eFax: The Mobile Fax App

The mobile fax app from eFax makes it simple and convenient to receive, edit and send faxes from your smartphone — no outdated, costly fax machine required.

Use the eFax App To Receive,
Sign and Send Faxes on the Go

With the best free fax app for iPhone and Android, you can turn your existing smartphone into a full fax machine. Use it to send a mobile fax, receive faxes and even add your electronic signature from anywhere, at any time. The eFax fax app is available for Android and iOS.  

Free Fax App for iPhone: Transform your iOS device into a portable fax machine with the eFax mobile fax app. Carry, operate, and close deals on the go by signing faxes with your finger. Learn how to fax from your iPhone with eFax.

Free Fax App for Android: The eFax Android app allows you to overcome limitations, simplify faxing, and enjoy secure mobility. Send faxes effortlessly from your Android phone or tablet. Learn how to fax from your Android phone.

It's Time To Stop Relying on Traditional Fax Machines

Your business moves fast. If you’re still relying on outdated fax machines, it can be tough to keep up. Using a fax machine means being tied to an office to send and receive a fax, with frequent downtimes and costly repairs. Our mobile fax app means never having to rely on a physical fax machine or find a local fax service near you. Sending a fax from a phone has never been easier.

eFax Smartphone App: How it Works

The eFax mobile fax app allows you to handle all of your faxing needs using your existing smartphone.


Start by signing up for an eFax account. The mobile fax app is included for free with your account and can be downloaded on an Apple device like an iPhone, iPad or Android device. Use the app to upload documents directly from your device or a service like Google Drive or Dropbox. You can edit your fax or add your digital signature straight from the app. Then, add your recipients’ fax numbers or email addresses, and hit send. You’ll get a notification in your email inbox when your fax is sent. And you’ll also get instant notifications when you receive a new fax.

Benefits of Using the eFax Mobile Fax App

The free fax app from eFax can revolutionize how you manage your faxing needs. Both our fax app for iPhone and iPad and our fax app for Android allow you to:


Send a variety of documents, including PDFs, JPEGs and more, via fax


Send faxes to more than 200 countries


Receive and view faxes while on the go


Edit or sign faxes with your finger


Create a personalized electronic signature


Use your smartphone's camera to scan documents


Keep your faxes organized with tags and a search feature


Upload your faxes and other files directly from Dropbox, Google Drive and more

Get More Done With the Best Fax App for iPhone and Android

Receive faxes anytime

You’ll get an instant notification when you get a fax to our fax app. This means you won’t mix a fax, even if you’re out of the office.

Send faxes from anywhere


No more waiting until you’re back at home or the office to send a fax. Keep your business moving forward by sending faxes from wherever you are.

Cut costs


Buying and maintaining traditional fax machines is expensive. That’s not even counting the cost of ink, toner and paper. The eFax app eliminates these costs and lets you utilize the smartphone you already own.

Do more in less time


With just a few taps of your finger, you can receive, sign, edit, send and organize faxes while on the go. This equals less downtime and more productivity.

What Makes eFax Stand Out From the Crowd

There are a variety of fax apps and services on the market today. But eFax has been topping the charts of the best electronic fax services for over two decades and has served millions of happy customers. Here are just a few of the ways we stand out.

Encryption: Faxes sent and received with eFax are automatically encrypted. Plus, without relying on a traditional fax machine, you won’t have to worry about your fax falling into the wrong hands.

Delivery Confirmation: When your fax gets where it needs to go, you’ll receive a delivery confirmation in your email inbox.

24/7 Customer Service: Friendly customer service reps from eFax are available around the clock to answer your questions or offer assistance.

Upgrade Your Faxing with the eFax Mobile App