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Learn How eFax Helped These Businesses Revolutionize The Way They Fax

eFax is a modern cloud faxing solution designed to allow users to send, sign, receive and manage their faxes in a way that’s secure, fast, and more reliable than traditional faxing. No more shelling out money on oversized fax machines and dedicated phone lines or dealing with constant upkeep and frequent downtimes. Now, you can easily fax from anywhere, at any time. Sign documents on your morning commute, send off a fax over the weekend while miles away from the office and easily reference previous faxes without having to dive into old filing cabinets.

See why millions have chosen eFax around the world.

How Does eFax Work?

Before you learn what previous happy customers had to say about their experience with eFax, it’s essential to understand how online faxing works.

With online faxing, you can skip the traditional fax machine and dedicated phone line. Instead, all you’ll need is your choice of device — like a desktop computer, laptop, Android or Apple device. Start by scanning or copying the document that you need to fax. From there, you can choose between two options for sending your fax: via the app or desktop site or by email.

If you’re sending your fax from a computer or eFax app, you’ll sign into your account and choose your document. Add your recipient’s email address or fax number. Then, add a custom subject line and/or message, and hit send. You can even add a fax cover sheet to your document. 

Sending a fax via email is a similar process. Instead of sending your fax via the app or desktop site, you’ll attach it to an email using your existing email account, like OutlookYahooGmail or any other email provider. Enter your recipient’s fax number, followed by “” Add a fax cover sheet, as well as an optional subject and message, then hit send.

No matter how you send your online fax, it’s delivered quickly and securely to your recipient.

See for yourself why we're the fax solution of choice for businesses everywhere.

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“…eFax offers comprehensive features and a clean and simple user interface.”
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“eFax is a simple to use online fax system. We like that they have 24/7 telephone customer support, Live Chat, a very simple interface, a great user guide and a full FAQ section.”
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“eFax combines a feature rich fax experience with very good international number availability.”
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Best Online Fax Service

“eFax is one of the most feature rich and well-known online fax services on the market and includes features like mobile apps, e-signature capabilities, …compliance and unlimited fax storage…”
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“Sending fax over internet to a local or toll free number is extremely easy using its simple interface integrated with your email account. Enhanced features like digital signature and integration with mobile apps are like icing on the cake.”
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“What I like about eFax is that it includes a share extension, so I can fax from almost all iOS apps that support sharing. This makes it easy to fax a document from almost all of my apps.”
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Powerful Features to Grow Your Business

Screen Devices
Fax from anywhere with our free, user-friendly apps for iOS and Android.
Get a local or toll-free fax number, or port your current fax number to eFax.
Easily send files too big for email, and sign documents electronically without printing.
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Felix T.

I can see a fax right on my phone or my tablet or my computer.
Since we got eFax, I don’t have to keep running back to the office or borrow somebody’s fax machine to receive documents. My day has been cut substantially. I can see a fax right on my phone or my tablet or my computer. Print it when I get home, read it on the road – it’s great.
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Mary F.

Why wouldn’t you choose eFax!
Thank you eFax! I first learned about eFax 20 years ago, and used it then. Now that I’m the business owner and didn’t want to have to pay for a phone line from our limited choices of phone service, I decided to seek eFax out. I was able to sign up and start faxing immediately, which I really appreciate! And, once my document went through, eFax sent me an email confirmation. With the convenience of setting up, selecting a local fax number, sending and receiving, as well as confirmation, why wouldn’t you choose eFax!
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Michael A.

For ease of use, mobility, convenience and data storage
Out of all the electronic faxing software I have tried, eFax won out HANDS DOWN due to the ease of sending multiple documents anywhere and as often as you need to, ALL for one low monthly subscription. Are there other electronic faxing apps that offer monthly subscriptions equal to or less than eFax? Yes, I did come across a couple of them and tried them utilizing their free trial offers. But when it came down to it, for ease of use, mobility, convenience and data storage, none of the others I tried came close to eFax.
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Sonya C.

Just as easy as sending an email
efax is a convenient way to send documents that I have saved on my computer or phone quickly and effectively. Every time I fax a document I get a confirmation that the fax went through. It is very quick and convenient. Just as easy as sending an email. You can add a cover page and there’s an address book that stores numbers so you don’t have to type in the “to” info every time. It’s a very clean process and an asset to my business.
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Melinda C.

Great service great price
I am a consultant for a much larger business. I live out in the middle of nowhere and it is difficult for me to get to the office to fax one or two things (40 plus miles each way). eFax eliminates that need and is much more cost effective than having a dedicated phone line… I love the security features. Great service, great price, and awesome feeling knowing that my information is safe.