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How to Get a Local Fax Number For Free?

Many businesses don’t pay much attention to the fax numbers they register when sending documents to customers and partners. But they should — local fax service offer many benefits worth consideration.

In today’s digital age, first impressions are everything. When interacting with potential customers, clients, investors or even job applicants, the ways you present yourself in your communications truly makes a big difference. This is especially true when drafting emails, making phone calls and using a local fax service.

It’s true that many Gen Z people ask the question “What’s fax?” But faxing is still considered a very important and reliable form of business communication across multiple industries. And when it comes to inbound and outbound faxes, using a local fax number has several benefits to consider.

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What is a Local Fax Number?

A fax number is your unique identifier, like a phone number for your fax machine. It allows you to send and receive faxed documents directly to and from your machine or online fax account.

Fax number is a combination of a country code, area code, and your local fax number, used to route incoming faxes to your machine or online fax service. It’s like the street address for your fax, ensuring your documents reach the right destination.

Reasons You Should Have a Local Fax Number

While many businesses do spend some time thinking about their local and toll-free telephone numbers for recognizable communications with customers and partners, they often overlook the advantages of having a local fax number.


More Professional

A local fax number establishes you as having a strong and trustworthy presence within the community. Not only does it signify that you are a legitimate business, but it also conveys professionalism and trust that will resonate with your customers. Also, adding a local fax number to your marketing materials, business cards and website can further enhance the credibility of your brand and make a lasting impression on potential clients.


Increased Reliability

Unlike email and online file sharing, fax provides a direct and private method for sending and receiving important documents. With a local fax number, you can rest easy knowing that your messages will be delivered promptly and carry a reduced digital footprint without getting caught in spam filters or experiencing technical glitches. And, just like digital services, you can receive faxes around the clock, which makes faxing the perfect solution for businesses that manage time-sensitive documents or have international clients.


Better Convenience

A local fax number lets you receive important documents on the go without having to be anchored to your desk. Using eFax means that, whether you’re at the coffee shop or running errands, you can still access your faxes from anywhere, at your convenience. This means your business operations are now streamlined and ensures that you and your customers communicate with little interruption.


Cost Savings

In today’s competitive economic environment, finding smart ways to minimize spending is a top priority. But have you considered how much your fax system is draining your resources? Traditional fax machines require costly maintenance and monthly phone bills, making them impractical for smaller operations. You can keep costs low by opting for a local fax number and taking advantage of online fax services to streamline your communications.

Local vs. International Fax numbers

When choosing what type of fax number is right for your business needs, it’s important to consider the differences between local and international fax numbers and which type might be better suited to your needs. Below are a few things to consider when deciding on the format of your fax number:

Business Expense

The cost of a local fax number versus an international one is worth extra consideration when it comes to faxing. International fax numbers often come with hidden fees and additional charges that can quickly eat away at your budget. While not always the case, local fax numbers often offer a more cost-effective solution. You get to save money without sacrificing functionality by choosing a local fax number.

It’s a smart choice for your growing businesses and individuals who want to keep their expenses under control.


An accessible fax number is crucial for ensuring seamless communication with your clients and colleagues. When choosing a fax number, it’s important to consider the location of those you work with. A local fax number is usually the most accessible option, making sending and receiving faxes easier for individuals within the same region. However, if you work with international partners, an international fax number can provide better accessibility for seamless communication across borders. By prioritizing accessibility in your choice of fax number, you can ensure efficient communication and build stronger business relationships.

Business Size

For business big and small, a local fax number is a great option. However, if you’re dealing with a high volume of faxes or receiving messages from across the globe, an international number might be a better option. For larger companies with offices worldwide, an international fax number can be a prerequisite, helping to maintain consistency in different markets and avoid brand confusion.

Best Ways to Get a Local Fax Number

Now that you know the benefits of having a local fax number, the next thing to understand is how to acquire one. The great thing about local fax numbers is that plenty of cost-effective services are available to help you get set up quickly and easily.

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How to Get a Local Fax Number with eFax?

eFax makes it easy to set up a local fax number while allowing you to choose a number in any country. Getting set up with a local fax number is as easy as these three simple steps:

How Can You Use Your Local Fax Number With eFax?

Access to a free local fax number is a great feature benefit of an eFax plan, but what’s even better is the flexibility you have when deciding how your business wants to utilize it. eFax gives you multiple options for sending and receiving faxes with your local fax number while also providing you with powerful features to help you streamline your business processes.


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Frequently Asked Local Fax Number Questions

Faxing from Gmail is as simple as setting up an account and choosing your eFax number. You can then send faxes from any Gmail account.

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Yes, your eFax account allows you to have up to 10 fax numbers.