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What Is the eFax Electronic Signature?

People today sign their digital documents using e-signatures, also referred to as electronic signatures. In the past, consent, permissions and approvals were treated as legal and binding only when accompanied by handwritten signatures. That has changed.

eFax offers easy ways to add electronic signatures to your documents.

The eFax Electronic Signature

Traditionally, you would sign documents with a physical pen. Today, you can sign with your finger on a touch-sensitive screen using Finger Swipe technology or take a picture of your signature. Then, you can drag and drop the signature on your document and save it for future use.

This helps you avoid the time-consuming and cumbersome sign-and-scan technique of old that we all have been accustomed to. Even better, using your eFax signature to digitally sign documents can be done on both Android and iOS devices. Talk about closing deals on the go!

Using the eFax Signature on Android and iOS​

To start signing your faxes digitally, you need to download the eFax mobile app on your Android or iOS device. Once done, open the app, go to the document you want to fax and position your signature where you want it. 

Signing a Fax on an Android Device

There are two ways to sign a document using your Android device: taking a photo of your signature or tracing it directly on your screen using your finger

Signing on an iOS Device

Digitally signing a fax on an iPhone or iPad is slightly different, but like with Android, you can either capture a picture of your signature or sign with your finger using Finger Swipe.

 To use your eFax signature on an iPhone, follow these steps.

The next option is signing your fax using your finger. Here’s how to do it on an iOS device:

How to Add Your Signature on eFax Messenger

Aside from signing faxes using the eFax app for Android and iOS devices, you can also electronically sign your documents using eFax Messenger

Now that you have your eFax signature, here’s how to add it to your fax:

Advantages of Using an eFax Electronic Signature​

Businesses today are going paperless—or at least minimizing paper use to reduce overhead costs. What this means is that people have to close deals in different ways unlike the traditional meet-and-sign documents method. But cost reduction isn’t the only reason millions of people are using eFax to send and receive faxes. With the eFax electronic signature, you are perfectly positioned to reap other noteworthy benefits, such as:


Close Deals FasterYou can digitally sign a document and fax it there and then, which signals to your clients that you are accessible and responsive. This not only helps you close deals more quickly, but it also demonstrates your efficiency in doing business.


Develop Better Customer RelationshipsIn the age of the customer, clients prefer working with businesses that can get things done as quickly as possible. The faster approvals and deals are finalized, the faster they can move on to other aspects of their lives. With the eFax signature, all you need is to sign and fax the document—no more asking your clients to wait for days for a document that can be signed and sent today.


Reduce PaperworkWith the eFax electronic signature, you not only save time when you close deals and help customers faster, but you also reduce the need to perform backend tasks, such as filing paperwork. Keeping your documents in order can be tedious and time-consuming. But with eFax, you're able to digitally sign faxes, tag and then store them online, making organization a breeze.

Get Started Signing Faxes Digitally with eFax

Electronic fax is much like traditional fax, only this time the sender and the receiver do not need a fax machine to send and receive a fax. So how does this work?

Sending a fax through eFax is pretty straightforward. Users can send a fax from anywhere without a fax machine through the eFax app, email and eFax messenger.

To get started with eFax Messenger, follow these steps:

To create an account, you have to first choose your eFax number. Select your country, then choose your number using any of the following options:


Area CodeWhen you enter the area code of a place in the country you chose, available fax numbers will show. Select your preferred number from the list.


Existing NumberYou can also use an existing fax number by porting a fax number to eFax.


Toll-freeTo choose a toll-free fax number, select the toll-free option, then choose a toll-free code. Some toll-free fax numbers will show. Choose any of the numbers to proceed.


By stateSelect your state from the drop-down list. A list of fax numbers will populate. Choose your preferred option.

Now that you have a fax number, click Continue to continue setting up your account. Fill in the account details, such as your first and last name and your email address. You’ll be required to confirm your email address.

Then, enter your billing information, such as the name on the credit card, phone number, address, city, state, zip code, country, credit card number, expiration date and CVV digits. You’ll get an option to allow automatic renewal of your eFax subscription. Finally, activate your eFax account.

register with eFax

The document should be in PDF, JPG or MS Office, among other allowed file formats on eFax. eFax then converts your message into a fax.

upload document

Using the relevant steps outlined above, affix your signature to your fax document.

sign the document you want to fax

Above the body of your fax message, add a cover page. Cover page templates are provided by eFax for free.

write coverpage

Depending on factors such as internet speed, your fax should reach the recipient within seconds. eFax will send you an email to confirm the delivery.

send fax messenger

Send and receive faxes in minutes.