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eFax Message Center

What is eFax Message Center?

eFax® Message Center gives you centralized access to your eFax account online anytime. The Message Center is an inbox in your eFax MyPortal, where you can view and send faxes with your electronic signature, and resend your stored faxes. You can also manage your contact lists and add “tags” to your faxes, which are keywords that you can associate with a fax to make it easier to search for later.

How does eFax Message Center Work?

Think of the Message Center as your eFax inbox, the page in your MyPortal interface where you can search for, view and forward your stored faxes.You can access the Message Center anytime, anywhere you have an Internet connection. Note: With your eFax Plus or eFax Pro account, you can also use Message Center to add your electronic signature to a fax before sending or forwarding.

From eFax Message Center You Can:

eFax Message Center

Manage Fax Contacts

Your eFax® Message Center includes an Address Book, located in the Contacts tab, which is designed to make sending faxes even easier and more convenient. You can add new contacts, manage existing contacts or import contact lists from Gmail, Microsoft Outlook® or other email programs. You can also export contacts from your eFax account to a standard CSV file, to use elsewhere.

Within your Message Center Contacts tab, you can store the names and fax numbers of people you fax frequently, then simply select a specific contact you want to fax, and eFax will auto-fill that person’s contact information for you.

Add a Contact

Edit Your Contacts

Organize your Faxes with the eFax Message Center

eFax Message Center provides several tools to help you better organize your faxes for easier search and retrieval later. 

To search for faxes stored in your eFax account:

To add a tag to a fax:

To view or remove tags from a fax:

To create a new folder:

To rename an existing folder:

To delete a folder:

To move a fax to another folder:

To delete a fax:


To view detailed Send and Received Fax Activity Logs:

Send & Receive Faxes from the eFax Message Center

eFax® automatically stores every fax you receive through your account, keeping them securely in the cloud for the life of your account. You can easily access old faxes from the Message Center, and search for a fax by date, keyword, or tags you can manually apply to your faxes. Plus you can view fax usage within the Account Overview Page.
Note: If you implement the optional eFax Protect feature on your account, the Search function will be disabled. Additionally, Search will work only with English-language keywords.
Send a Fax From MyPortal Message Center Using the Websend Form
Anytime you send or receive a fax with your eFax® service, all of the information relating to that fax are automatically stored online for the life of your account. You can retrieve them anytime through your eFax Message Center.

How to Turn on the eFax Storage Feature

To activate the free online fax storage and retrieval features:

Once Activated, You Can Access Your Faxes Online

Fax a Copy of a Fax with eFax Message Center

Email a Copy of a Fax with eFax Message Center

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