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Receive Faxes via Email Effortlessly with eFax


Modern business communications need the ability to receive different types of information from diverse digital sources.


With eFax, you can quickly receive faxes to email as an attachment or in the eFax Message Center.

How to Receive Fax to Email

After you set up an eFax account, and the system assigns a dedicated fax number, you’re all set to receive faxes by email directly in your inbox. eFax sends your inbound fax to your email address as an attachment, which allows you to view a fax in nearly any email program. eFax email attachments are compatible with most email hosts, including Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. 


What if You Can’t View a Fax
From Your Email Inbox?

If you can’t access your email or open eFax attachments from your current browser, you can also find a copy of all inbound faxes in your eFax Message Center. eFax will store faxes, which you can access 24/7, for the lifetime of your account.

receive faxes by email

View Your Fax in eFax MyAccount Message Center

To view a fax you’ve received in the Message Center, log in to eFax MyAccount at

Click View Faxes to preview and open faxes. In any folder, click on a fax to view the first page in the Preview pane or double-click the fax to open the first page in a separate tab within the Message Center. To view the entire document, click to open the file attachment.

To view faxes received by another fax number on your account, select that number from the eFax numbers dropdown list at the top of the Message Center page.

Update Your File Format for Email Attachments in eFax

With eFax, you can receive faxes as email attachments in three formats: PDF, EFX or TIFF.  

  • PFD stands for Portable Document Format, and these files can be viewed with Adobe Reader Software, Google Drive and other PDF readers.
  • EFX is an abbreviation for eFax Fax Document, and these files can be viewed with eFax Messenger®, in the eFax app and in eFax MyAccount.
  • TIFF is an acronym for Tagged Image File Format, and these files can be viewed with, Windows’™ default TIFF viewer, Images as well as many other image viewers

If you aren’t able to open an attachment sent from eFax, it could be because the format is incompatible with your device software. Easily update your fax file format in eFax MyAccount:

  1. Log in to eFax at
  2.  Select Account Details
  3. Navigate to the Preferences tab
  4.  Click Edit in the Receive Fax Options section
  5. Choose PDF, EFX, or TIFF from the Fax File Format list

To view EFX attachments from your PC, you may need to install eFax Messenger® on your Windows device.

Why do Millions of Users Trust and Choose eFax for Receiving Faxes via Email?

Millions of users trust and choose eFax for receiving faxes via email because of eFax’s extensive two-decade track record as the world’s leading online fax service. The eFax reputation is bolstered by the confidence of Fortune 500 companies and thriving small businesses worldwide. eFax enables efficient online faxing and offers HIPAA compliant plans for regulated industries.

Send and Receive Faxes
Through Email, Online or
in the eFax App

Long gone are the days when you had to rely on a clunky fax machine to send and receive important documents. With eFax, you can easily send and receive faxes through email, online or in the eFax app. Simply attach your document to an email or upload it to the eFax website or app, and it will be delivered as a fax to your recipient’s fax machine or email address.

Plus, you can receive faxes directly in your email inbox or through the eFax app, making it even more convenient to stay on top of your important communications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. With eFax, you can quickly and easily receive faxes as attachments in your email inbox.

With a 14-day free trial of eFax, you can receive a fax as an attachment in your email inbox and in the eFax Message Center. 

To receive a fax without a fax machine, you will need to use online fax software. eFax allows you to send and receive faxes via email, online, on your PC desktop with eFax Messenger® and in the mobile app. 

Yes, you can use a free trial of online fax software like eFax to receive a fax for free without a fax machine or dedicated phone line. 

Yes, you can send or receive a fax without a landline, as long as you have an internet connection. eFax enables you to transfer, view, and edit fax documents from your mobile device, PC and online. 

In general, you cannot receive a fax on your printer without a landline unless you use online fax software. With eFax, you can receive a fax to your printer without a connection to a dedicated phone line. 

The easiest way to receive a fax is with online fax software. eFax enables you to receive fax communications from anywhere without a fax machine or a dedicated phone line. 

Yes. With eFax online fax software, you can receive a fax as an email attachment in Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo or nearly any other email host.

Gmail does not have a built-in, free fax service, but you can receive a free fax in your Gmail inbox with a 14-day free trial of eFax. The software is priced at an affordable monthly rate after that. 

Yes! eFax is a reasonably-priced online fax software with a 14 day free trial that allows you to send and receive faxes via email, from your PC desktop, online and via the mobile app. 

You can email a fax number, but you will need to use online fax software to act as a go-between and transmit email communications in the correct format to be received as a fax. To email a fax with eFax, upload your documents to the email as you would any other attachment, add a cover page to the body of your email and send the email to [faxnumber] Sign up for an eFax account to get started. 

Aside from email, you can receive a fax online in your eFax MyAccount, on your PC desktop with eFax Messenger® or on your mobile device via the eFax Android or iOS app.