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Portable Fax Solutions for Truckers

Logistics Companies Can Save Time and Streamline Invoicing with Convenient and Secure Faxing Solutions.

Faxing for the Road

Truckers need portable fax solutions that make their on-the-go lifestyle easier. Increased demand for products—as well as driver and equipment shortages—have made it even more important to streamline processes. When a load is delivered, faster faxing can mean faster payouts. You need to be sure your fax will be sent and delivered on time.

Online faxing makes it possible to send faxes from anywhere at any time. With electronic faxing, you will be able to send your documents through a secure transfer with a receipt upon delivery. Stop wondering if the freight forwarder, broker or shipper got your invoice. Use eFax to simplify the billing process today!

Send and receive faxes in minutes.
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Faster, More Convenient Faxing

Traditional faxing is cumbersome, requiring bulky machines, paper and toner. Even if you invested in a fax machine for your office, you would have to wait until you were back in the area to use it. And faxing from truck stops is extremely inconvenient because of the high fees they tend to charge.

eFax makes it possible to fax from the convenience of anywhere. Whatever device or computer you choose, you will have access to your eFax account and easy faxing. Sending an electronic fax is as easy as sending an email—but more secure and reliable. Your faxes won’t be in danger of getting lost in the spam folder or failing to complete because of file size like they might with email.

Made for Mobile

You want a faxing company with a dedicated mobile app for convenient on-the-go communication. While many faxing companies offer remote faxing through email, eFax actually has an app built for the faxing process.

Easy Edits

Making comments or annotations to faxed documents is often part of the collaboration process. eFax makes it fast and easy to add notes where you want. You can even use the app to make comments or edits directly to the document. No more need to stop, print, sign and re-scan your faxes.

Custom E-Signature

With a simple swipe of your finger or picture of your signature, you can establish an electronic signature for your future documents. With a saved electronic signature, signing faxes is much faster and simpler than ever before.

Send Invoices Securely

Data security is essential when working with customers and other vendors, You should be able to send your documents without wondering who else could access them. Faxing offers a direct channel to your recipient without the same vulnerabilities you’d experience with email or traditional faxing.

Gain the competitive advantage by sending files with a platform you can trust. Sending faxes is fast and only takes a few minutes to get started.

Track Document Delivery

Knowing your files have been delivered can mean the difference between confidently demanding an overdue payment get settled or wondering if your invoice ever made it. Using eFax’s delivery receipts, you can rest assured on the exact date and time of delivery. We are committed to reliable communication and we have the timestamps to back that up.

As a trucker, you deserve timely payments for the loads you deliver. Eliminate the unnecessary back and forth that occurs with lost invoices or miscommunications. With eFax delivery receipts, you can feel confident that your invoice was delivered on time.

Establish a Local Reputation for Your Business

International Faxing with Ease

As a driver, you might sometimes cross international borders with your loads. Use a faxing service that will work for you no matter where you are. eFax offers toll-free and international numbers for convenient business communication. With the ability to serve over 46 countries, you can rest easy and know that eFax will have your back.

You want a faxing company that isn’t going to tax you for sending international messages. eFax allows you to connect with vendors or customers in other countries, supporting your logistics network. Don’t limit yourself to one country or feel nervous about sending faxes while on the road.

A Portable Faxing Toolkit Ideal for the Truck

Explore Features That Make Faxing Organized, Fast and Convenient.

Your business relies on solid communication and flexibility. You need tools that support your busy lifestyle and work-life balance. eFax makes it possible to fax while on the road, at the warehouse or from the office. No matter where you are, eFax makes it possible to receive, send, archive, retrieve, edit and sign faxes.

Our mobile app for iPhone or Android is designed to be easy to use and eliminate unnecessary steps. With our user-friendly app, you can manage your business communications from anywhere.

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Contacts Book

Connect to your customers, partners and vendors with eFax by directly importing contacts to your account. You will have access to your existing connections through your eFax address book to streamline communications.

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Organized File Backups

Use folders and file tags to help organize your faxes for your records. Sort your faxes by customer, project type, vendor, date or industry to find the records you need. Our cloud-backed archive automatically saves your files in case you ever need to access them.

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Large File Sharing

Don’t limit yourself to small files or risk your essential documents being rejected by a full inbox. When you need to send large, original size files, you should use a delivery service you trust. eFax allows large file sharing, so you know your attachments are getting through every time.

What People are Saying About eFax

Reduce Costs and Streamline Communications

Building and maintaining your business simply comes down to time and money. If you cut costs and busy work, you can increase profitability. eFax is here to help you streamline your communications and reduce wasted resources. Lower your expenses and time involved with billing by implementing electronic faxing today!

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No Equipment

eFax doesn’t require a bulky faxing machine, toner or paper. Simply sign up for your eFax account, and you will be able to send your first fax within minutes. No need to get a new device, scanner or computer. eFax works like a portable fax machine directly from your iPhone, Android, tablet, laptop or desktop.

No Upkeep

Don’t pay for maintenance on an outdated machine. Scanners, printers and fax machines can sometimes cause more trouble than they’re worth. With eFax, there is no need for another expensive machine or upkeep costs to make sure it runs. Cut out the cost of upkeep by switching to digital faxing services with eFax.

No Truck Stop Fees

Truck stop fees for faxing are near price-gouging rates. The amount charged for each page at truck stops is high to dissuade truckers from using the on-site equipment. With eFax, you will no longer feel tempted to pay high fees for convenient faxing. You will be able to send your faxes on the road without needing to use truck stop fax machines or pay unfair faxing fees just for convenience.

Support Your Logistics Business with eFax

If you are looking for a portable fax machine for truckers, then eFax is right for you. Not only do we provide a helpful faxing tool, but we also offer award-winning customer support. If you do run into an issue or need help with your service, our team is here to answer your questions 24/7 with multi-channel solutions.

Get the Help You Need: A knowledgeable customer support team is here to help guide you. Choose to talk to us by email, phone or chat at any time of the night or day. We know your workday isn’t always 9-5, so you shouldn’t be limited to a help desk that only works during standard office hours! Our team is here to help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Find Supportive Resources: Our blog and website are full of helpful content to get you started and allow you to learn more. If you need to know how to fax with YahooGmail or Outlook, our content will help! We also explain how you can fax without a phone line or how to fax from a computer. There is lots of helpful information to give you helpful tips to get the most out of your online faxing service.

Experience Intuitive Design: Of course, finding a convenient solution means starting with a solution designed to feel natural from the very start. eFax is as easy to use as email. We offer plenty of features and capabilities designed with our customers in mind. Starting with an intelligent fax platform is the best step in finding a faxing service that supports your business.

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