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Business leaders around the world are turning to eFax for online fax solutions. With cloud faxing, you can reduce your costs and improve productivity in the office. 

Traditional faxing requires you to purchase, install and maintain a pricey fax machine. These machines are tough to maintain and complicated to use. If your fax machine goes down, your office is stuck waiting for repairs before they can get back to sending and receiving key documents. In some industries, this can bring all work to a grinding halt.

Cloud faxing offers a modern solution — no fax machine or dedicated phone line is required.

How Industry Leaders can Take Advantage of Online Faxing

Industry leaders looking to cut costs and avoid downtime can take advantage of online fax solutions. You and your employees can send a fax from any device, including desktops/laptops, Android devices, iPhones, and more, including the ability to fax from a computer.

There’s more than one way to send a fax online. You can download an app on your desktop or laptop, or on your Android or Apple device. Then, use the app to upload your scanned or copied document, and fax it directly to your recipient’s traditional fax machine. You can also upload your copied or scanned document and fax it via email directly to a fax machine.

No matter which online fax solution you choose, your faxes are sent quickly and securely, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional faxing. No more investing in a fax machine to send, sign and receive your faxes. And as your business expands and grows, your cloud faxing solution can easily scale with you.

Check out how we’ve helped other leaders in your industry make the move to online faxing, and see how it’s allowed them to revolutionize the way they work.

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