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Respond to Clients Faster

The housing market moves fast, and your clients expect you to offer the most modern tools for getting their deals done. To stay ahead in the real estate world, you have to be ready to send official documents with digital faxing.

You must deliver a personalized and responsive experience for your buyers and homeowners. You can do more with mobile faxing. Real estate agents use eFax to reduce costs, save time and increase flexibility by faxing on the go.

With eFax, you can send offers, sign purchase agreements or share contracts right from your mobile device or computer. eFax helps realtors stay in touch with buyers, sellers, banks and other agents. Plus, add a signature instantly from our app with our online faxing solutions.

Send and receive faxes in minutes.
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eFax® is as Mobile as You Are

An on-the-go job requires flexible, remote solutions. You spend plenty of time out of the office and can’t stay tethered to a traditional fax machine. Email is convenient, but it isn’t secure enough and can result in many lost documents. You need something that delivers reliably and protects your clients’ important personal information.

With the eFax mobile app, you can get more done on the road. Never miss an important fax just because you are out of the office. Send important documents to other agents, finance reps, homeowners or potential buyers between your showings, closings and meetings. Experience advanced faxing features on your device with the eFax app.

Now, you can fax no matter where you are.

Mobile Document Scanning

Send, receive and review faxes on any device with eFax’s convenient app for iOS and Android. You can send documents in their original format, keeping them digital. You can also “scan” paper documents by taking pictures with your device, using it as your mobile scanner.

Annotating in the Mobile App

Eliminate the need to print, sign and scan confidential client documents by annotating them within the eFax mobile app. The eFax app allows you to make comments directly on the documents for easier collaboration without the waste or hassle of printing and re-scanning.

Add Electronic Signatures

Sign documents on the go using the Electronic Signature feature. Our app allows you to swipe a finger across a mobile device screen or upload a picture of a handwritten signature using a smartphone. Adding your signature quickly makes it possible to streamline the faxing process without the need for bulky faxing equipment.

A Realtor Toolkit for More than Faxing

Our convenient portal is more than just for faxing.

eFax helps you go beyond online faxing with an integrated digital toolkit ideal for realtors. Our customizable faxing platform enables you to improve productivity by streamlining deal workflows and integrating with other cloud-based applications you use daily.

Why get bogged down with complicated tools or slow processes? We’ve made our interface highly intuitive, so sending a fax is as simple as sending an email. You can even send faxes through an existing email account, whether you use OutlookGmail or Yahoo!

Access to archived files will help support your business with the ability to send documents that aren’t even saved directly on your device. And our entire platform is highly secure to ensure your business isn’t at risk.

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Realtor Security from the Very Start

Mortgage professionals and realtors deal with a variety of confidential data, including financial documents, personal information and legal contracts. eFax offers secure mobile and online faxing that protects your information in transit and makes it easier to comply with industry regulations.

eFax® is the #1 Choice for Realtors

Realtors need fast tools that can keep up with their on-the-go lifestyle.

There are all kinds of tools out there promising faster communication or storage. eFax is perfect for realtors because of convenient features that help improve a real estate business. It can be overwhelming to analyze and choose a new tool, so we’ve made it easy by being the best out there.

eFax is the leading online fax platform for the real estate industry. This platform has earned the trust of millions of customers and many Fortune 500 companies. Join today to see why eFax is the #1 choice.

Money Saving
Money-Saving Tech

Eliminate the costs of paying for hardware, supplies, a dedicated fax line and ongoing IT support that you normally need for traditional faxing. Electronic faxing makes it possible to streamline your process and cut costs.

Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

Get support from an award-winning, U.S.-based support team who can help quickly resolve any questions or concerns. Our team is available 24/7 by phone, email or chat to offer convenient customer service when you need it.

Collaborative Tools

Increase employee productivity to deliver the reliable, responsive customer experience today’s buyers and sellers expect. Review documents, share feedback and instantly confirm that your transactions are completed, all from the eFax app.

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Benefits of Faster Communication for Realtors

Are you looking for a way to improve your communication as a realtor? With the right faxing solution, you can speed up your typical process for sending documents crucial to your deals. Offer faster communications to help your clients get in offers faster to land the deals they want.

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Send Competitive Offers

An intense housing and commercial real estate market means you need to have your competitive offers in quickly, or you are simply out of the running. Take immediate action with your online fax account, no matter what device you are using or where you are located. With a few touches of the screen, you can send an official fax with a time stamp and delivery confirmation.

Respond to Clients Quickly

Your clients want to be in the know, so don’t keep them waiting. Offer faster communication with secure and official communication methods through online fax. With an app directly on your device, you can send or edit documents faster than ever. Get notified whenever there is a new fax on your Android or iOS device.

Close Deals Faster

Don’t miss out on a great deal because of a slow connection or inconvenient faxing process. There is no need to print or re-scan documents when you use eFax. With electronic faxing, you can send the vital paperwork immediately, including necessary signatures and document edits, directly from any device at any time.

Keep Crucial Documents on Hand

Every realtor needs ready access to essential documentation. It’s important to keep those critical documents on hand for when you need to access them for your buyer or seller. As a realtor, you will appreciate how sensitive documents can be securely stored automatically on the cloud through eFax. We make sure your most important files are accessible and secured after faxing.

With the eFax app or account, you’ll be able to access stored documents—even if you never saved them to your device. The power of the cloud makes it possible to access documents quickly whenever you need them.

Plus, use eFax to organize and tag your documents for easy discovery later. Simply search your archives to find documents saved under specific tags or using certain keywords. We want to make it easy to find the documents you need to offer top-notch realtor services.

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