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eFax® Helps Consultants Stay Connected

Consultants use eFax to deliver the best experience for clients while working around busy travel schedules.

Connect with Your Clients from Your Mobile Device

Success as a consultant is only as secure as the trust that exists between you and your clients. Client requests any arrive anytime, often paying little attention to office hours. Time-sensitive documents won’t sit on hold while the weekend slides leisurely by. 

Successful consultants must be able to respond quickly, clearly and professionally. Use eFax to deliver personalized and responsive service for clients through quick and easy faxing at your fingertips from your mobile device. 

Send and receive faxes in minutes.
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Fax On-the-Fly

A consultant’s career is not a sedentary one. The nature of the profession requires a significant amount of time traveling. This means you need to be able to fax even without a fax machine.  You need eFax in your arsenal.

eFax Mobile App to the Rescue

Clients expect consultants to respond to their needs when they arise, regardless of time. They don’t want to hear that their consultant is away from her desk or that he’s out of town for a few days. Clients expect timely, efficient responses when they need them. 

The eFax mobile app turns your smartphone or tablet into an advanced online mobile fax command center. Whether your mobile devices are iOS or Android, eFax is the mobile fax solution for you. It allows you to edit, send and receive faxes regardless of your platform of choice.

Annotating in the Mobile App

What about those pesky forms that require a signature? How can you scan confidential client documents while waiting in an airport terminal for your flight to board? You’ve got the eFax mobile app. Those confidential client documents are safe and secure on your mobile device where you can annotate them as needed. 

Signature Required

Unsigned documents can stall a project or transaction in its tracks. With eFax, all it takes is a finger to sign those important and time-sensitive documents. 

Swipe a finger across the screen of your mobile device or upload a picture of a handwritten signature to your smartphone to access the Electronic Signature feature in your eFax mobile app. 

Improve Communication

Consulting is all about communication. Maintaining efficient, effective and timely communications with your clients when you’re on the road can require some major juggling skills. Busy schedules and the lack of a carry-on-sized fax machine can lead to a serious communication backlog. Not to worry if you’ve got eFax on your mobile device.

eFax frees you from worrying about sending and receiving important faxes, even if you’re working a jam-packed schedule. You get the information you need in the timeframe you need it, giving you the time you need to professionally deliver the information that your client is expecting.

What Can eFax Do for Your Communications?

Here’s a list of some improvements you can expect with eFax:

  • Accelerated response times by sending and receiving faxes while you’re on the road and between visits to your clients’ sites.
  • Time previously spent on printing, signing, scanning, uploading and resending documents can now be spent doing meaningful, constructive consulting work.
  • No more time wasted waiting on email attachments to download.
  • The opportunity to keep client contact information at your fingertips. With eFax, you can import your clients’ address books and contact information straight into your eFax account. Access to contact information doesn’t get any easier.
  • Receive email confirmations that your fax was sent to ensure that important documents have been delivered.
  • Options to send your fax through popular email clients such as GmailOutlook and Yahoo!.

eFax Features to Meet Your Faxing Needs

With eFax, you get a variety of features designed to boost productivity and performance by fulfilling all your faxing needs. Here are some features eFax puts at your command.

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Folder Structure
  • Sort faxes by project type or client name into customizable folders, tags, and keyword categories.
icon cloud storage
Third Party Apps
  • Integrate with third-party apps such as Dropbox, iCloud and Google Drive to give you access to cloud document storage.
icon file sharing
Large-File Sharing
  • Avoid file size constraints that make your work more difficult. eFax offers a large file sharing feature so sending presentations and high-resolution files to clients is worry-free. You can send files up to 3 GB with eFax.

What People are Saying About eFax

Choose eFax for Online Faxing

Taking care of your faxing needs online is a far superior way to manage your important communications over traditional faxing in multiple ways, including efficiency, cost and security. As a consultant, you have enough on your plate without concerning yourself with the many issues that unfortunately plague traditional faxing.

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How Can Online Faxing Benefit You?

Here are just a few of the commonsense answers to that question:

  • Eliminate the cost of maintaining fax machines with online faxing.
  • Remove expensive supplies like toner, ink and paper from your budget.
  • Skip standing in long lines at the fax machine and send faxes any time, from any device.
  • Avoid frustrating paper jams and system errors that slow you down. These delays aren’t an issue with online faxing

With eFax, you can enjoy top-tier security that protects your proprietary information and clients’ private data. With traditional faxing, you risk confidential documents sitting in the tray of the office fax machine at their destination, unattended and unprotected from prying eyes. Online faxing with eFax lets you use a password-protected online account instead. Security issue solved.

eFax Has the World-Class Solutions Your Business Deserves

With eFax, your online faxing will rank second to none. Let’s recap:

eFax Offers Top-of-the-Line Quality

eFax offers comprehensive online faxing solutions for all your business needs, including a mobile app for iOS and Android systems, digital signature capability, large file sharing (up to 3 GB), free online storage in the cloud, and access to the largest inventory of toll-free and local fax numbers available.

eFax App Is Second to None

eFax gives you a fully functional app that lets you send, receive, sign and manage your faxes from anywhere. No more scrambling to find a fax machine while hoping you reach your client in time. Stay ahead of your competition by moving at the speed of business with the eFax app on your mobile device.

Customer Service to Brag About

eFax offers something that’s become a rare commodity these days: you can talk to a real person when you need technical help and your deadline is looming over your shoulder. Customer support at eFax is available” 24/7 to assist you anytime and anywhere.

No Fax Machine? No Problem!

Hectic travel schedules are no excuse for slack communication with clients. Successful consultants use eFax to avoid interruption in service to their clients whether they’re in the office or on the road.


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