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Helpful Tips For Sending Faxes with eFax

With eFax®, you can send faxes conveniently in several ways: by email, website, mobile app, or eFax Messenger®. As always, no fax machine is required.
What is a fax page? One fax page is considered a page that takes 60 seconds or less to send. Typically faxes take 30-60 seconds to transmit when scanned in the recommended format of black & white at 200-300 DPI (dots per inch) resolution. We suggest to not scan in color or greyscale as this will increase the document/file size and affect the transmission time required for sending, which may adjust sending pages as well as risk possible line interruption.
How long does it take for a fax to be sent? Usually the fax will be sent within a few minutes (approx. 60 seconds per page), but can take longer if the receiver’s fax line is busy or if the line gets disconnected. Our system will retry twice, for a total of three billable attempts. If the transmission has not completed after the third attempt, an unsuccessful completion report shall be sent back to the primary sending email on file indicating why the fax failed to complete.
Please refer to the guidelines below to ensure successful delivery and quick processing of your sent faxes.

Fax Attachments

File Names

Faxing Photos and Scanned Documents

Cover Pages

Formatting Fax Numbers

Sending Faxes by Email