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Fax and Share Large Files up to 3GB

How to Securely Share Large Files

Get Large Files to Their Destination with eFax

Emailing large files often results in complicated workarounds or failure to deliver. With improved high-definition video and large-format images, valuable files are often difficult to send. You can’t send a high-resolution image gallery, video clip or PowerPoint through email if the files are too big.

Electronic fax avoids this problem altogether, enabling fast and secure delivery. No more slow processing or bounced emails. No need to compress files until they are distorted beyond a usable state.

With eFax’s large file sharing services, you can:

Should You Compress Large Files?

Some services, like SMS or text messaging, will automatically compress files that are too large. If you’ve ever tried sending a video clip via SMS, chances are it would be compressed into something similar to a low-quality GIF. 

If you need to compress large files, keep the following in mind:

Compression Strips Content Quality

Compressing your files means stripping out the quality to lower the size of the file. For many companies and professionals, sending the original file is non-negotiable. Not only will original files enable editing, but they are also necessary for large-format printing. Once you’ve compressed an image or video, you can’t restore it to the original size.

Keep Original Files on Hand

Compression isn’t a bad thing when used correctly. You may choose to compress a version of your image or video for web use so it loads quickly. However, you still want to keep the original file in case you need a higher-quality version for another purpose, such as a conference presentation, printed ad or TV spot.

Set Clear Guidelines for Compressed File Use

When sharing files, you will rarely want to compress them first for the following reasons: 

Compressing a file often leads to low-quality versions of your file being used in the wrong places, which can hurt your brand reputation or make you look unprofessional.

In many cases, you will have to share large file sizes. Whether you’re collaborating with a team, delivering a project, sending out company materials or working with a contracted professional, you need the ability to send large files.

Benefits of Large File Sharing Through eFax

Sending large files can become an issue because many platforms limit what you can send. However, there is no need to turn to email or cloud storage or passing along a thumb drive for your large files. Modern faxing offers a better way. Large file sharing through eFax is fast, convenient and secure. 

Here are some of the reasons you should fax large files with eFax.



Secure Sharing to Protect Your FilesFor your most important documents, such as presentations, finance spreadsheets, strategic research or product plans, you need to be able to trust that your files will reach recipients without incident. With a direct fax number and receipt upon delivery, eFax delivers your important files into the right hands. For larger groups, you can share a secure download link for up to 20 recipients at once.


Digital Format for Modern ConvenienceOld fax methods required a printed document or image, but that left only a paper copy on the other end. New electronic fax options allow you to send digital versions that are ready to review, edit and use. The eFax platform supports over 170 file formats, including PDF, DOC, JPEG, PSD, GIF, DFX and more. Recipients don’t have to be registered with eFax to receive your documents and large files.


Time and Money-Saving SolutionElectronic faxes are fast and inexpensive. With eFax, you don’t need to invest in an FTP solution or cloud storage option because you automatically get the ability to share large files. Plus, eFax is as easy to use as email—making the whole process extremely cost-effective, fast and convenient.


On-the-Go File Sharing CapabilitieseFax has a desktop and a mobile app you can use to you send faxes faster no matter where you are. eFax makes it easy to send faxes or generate large file sharing links directly from your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.


File Tagging for Improved OrganizationYour eFax online portal supports free online storage for all inbound and outbound faxes. You can tag your faxes with keywords to make it easier to find specific documents and files. eFax keeps your important large files secure and easily accessible from any device. Simply log in to your eFax account and download the files sent or received via fax.


Improved Team Efficiency and ProductivityCollaboration and file sharing are easier with eFax. You get to send large files securely, so your whole team is on the same page regarding projects and tasks. Depending on the speed of your connection, it can take just a few seconds to send an eFax to anyone, including those without an eFax account.

With eFax, you can collaborate with multiple account users, save your electronic signature, choose a local phone number, set up free online storage and more.

When you sign up with eFax, there’s no need for complex and clunky equipment every time you need to securely send a large file. With modern faxing solutions by eFax, you have a user-friendly platform that makes it fast and easy to send important files.

To get started, log in to eFax. While you need an eFax account to fax large files, your recipients do not need one to receive them.


Using eFax is as simple as sending an email—but with the capabilities to do much more. You can conveniently send large files through eFax on your phone app or desktop account.

Offer Security with a Professional File-Sharing Link from eFax

In today’s digital world, most people are on the lookout for spam emails, attachments with viruses and malicious links. Not only does eFax make your messages look professional, but we also provide security for peace of mind.

When your recipients get the email, they will see a message with a secure link from eFax. You may also add a subject line and personalized message to explain what files are included in the download.

eFax makes you look good. Use it to send important content in a format that makes recipients feel confident about downloading your files. eFax secure deliveries are perfect for professional communication.

Get Notified When Files Are Received and Downloaded

How many times have you sent something, only to find out it never arrived or was sent directly to spam? You can lose days or weeks waiting to hear back—only to discover your message was never received. 

So you know your faxes aren’t lost, eFax sends you notifications upon receipt. Once your files have been downloaded through the secure link, eFax sends you an automated alert as well. This makes it easy to reach out and check in if the recipient hasn’t accessed the files within the expected timeframe. You will also see who has downloaded the files so you know exactly who to contact if an additional prompt is needed.

eFax’s delivery and download notifications make it difficult for someone to claim they didn’t get your message or the files got lost in transit. With eFax, you reduce miscommunications and time wasted by missed deliveries. 




Choose eFax for Large File Sharing

Protect your sensitive data and quality files through electronic fax. Choose a modern solution that makes it possible to securely deliver large files quickly and conveniently. With eFax, you get reliable delivery and timely receipt notifications to ensure your large files get into the hands of the people who need them.

You need solutions that meet you where you are and empower collaboration. Large file sharing through eFax makes it possible to send marketing materials, contracts, intellectual property documents, video content, presentations and more without stripping their quality or size.

Joining eFax only takes a few minutes. Sign up and start sending large files now with eFax.