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Looking for Places to Fax Nearby? Do it Online, With No Fax Machine.

“Where can I go to fax something?” – It’s a question you might’ve asked yourself.


Fax machines might have been more common ten years ago, but that doesn’t mean that office employees were any more excited to use them. In fact, these complicated machines have always had a reputation for being tricky to use, not to mention expensive. Today, using a fax machine turns what should be a quick and easy task into a complicated and inefficient process. And it does little to protect your personal data or offer any means of storing it.

Business owners operating in industries that still rely on faxes have two options today: spend a small fortune on their own fax machine or search online for “fax services near me.”
Unfortunately, neither option is a clear winner. Purchasing your own fax machine means navigating using it, running the risk of mistakes and dealing with repairs. Similarly, outsourcing your fax services also slows down the process and can still lead to mistakes.
When you need to send documents quickly, without breaking your budget or risking mistakes, you need a different solution. Sending a fax online offers all of this and more, like the ability to help your team stay organized or the chance to send faxes from anywhere, at any time.

Find a Fax Place Near Me

Tired of spending hours searching Where can I send a fax near me? eFax is here to help. No more shopping for fax machines or dealing with repairs. And no more searching for local fax companies, paying sky-high fees and navigating changing hours and delays. Now, you can send a fax online in just minutes.

Send faxes from anywhere, anytime, in just minutes.

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5 Steps to Send a Fax Online From a Desktop or Mobile Device

Frustrated and wondering, “Why are there no places that fax near me?” Well, the simplest solution is to just send it online.


Sending a fax online is easier than you might think—and far easier than messing with an old-fashioned fax machine. As long as you have a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and access to the internet, you can send a fax from anywhere, any time, day or night, using digital faxing services like eFax. Simply follow these steps.

1. Create Your Own eFax Account

Before you can send/receive fax documents online, you need an account. Luckily, creating your own eFax account takes just minutes! Follow the three simple steps here and get started.

2. Open the eFax portal or Download the App

After creating your account, you need to decide how you’ll access eFax. You can do so through the Online Portal on a desktop computer or laptop. Or, you can download the eFax tablet app or mobile app on your tablet or mobile device. This app is available from the Apple Store and from the Google Play Store.

3. Log in to Your Account

Once you’ve downloaded the app or accessed the portal, use the account information you created to log in. Now you’re ready to start sending faxes!

4. Find "Send Faxes," Click and Fill in the Form

After logging in, click “Send Faxes.” From there, you can pick an address from the address book that you provided. Add a personalized message and attach a photo of the document that you’d like to send. Then, fax it to your recipient in just a few clicks.

5. Send and Receive Your Faxes on Any Device

Still searching “Where can I fax for free near me?” Well, you’re in luck! With eFax, you get free online storage, as well as a number of other features included in your plan. No more navigating overly complicated fax machines or searching for fax services and dealing with high fees and limited hours. Now, you can save time and money and send faxes hassle-free from anywhere!

Why You Shouldn't Waste Time Searching for "Fax Services Near Me"

With the invention of online faxing, the lengthy, complicated process of searching for “fax services near me” is finally coming to an end.
eFax is changing the way that we send faxes. The platform is designed to help customers:
  • Reduce costs by paying a monthly fee instead of per-fax
  • Offering the ability to store faxes online for ease of access
  • Have the ability to send and receive faxes on multiple devices, including smartphones
  • Save valuable time, cut stress and avoid unnecessary hassle
  • Send faxes any time of day, even when traditional fax services are closed

Many chain office stores and shipping services offer fax services. But companies like FedEx, Staples, United Parcel Service (UPS) and Office Depot share one major drawback: their hours of operation. For businesses that need to send faxes outside of these operating hours—like sending faxes to overseas clients and business partners operating in different time zones—this is a big problem. But when you send faxes online with eFax, you aren’t restricted to regular business hours. Instead, you can send faxes on your schedule, any time of day or night.

Another challenge of sending faxes the old-fashioned way is that sending faxes to more than one recipient is necessarily complicated, not to mention time-consuming. When using a traditional fax machine, you have to send your fax one at a time, even if you’re sending the same fax to multiple locations. Plus, going with a traditional faxing service can be expensive. Just take a look at the rates of our competitors. But when you send a fax online, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time sending the same fax again and again. Instead, instantly send your fax to multiple different contacts with just a single click of a button.

Price – Single Document (per page)$0.15 or less$1.89$2.00
Price – Extra Documents (per page)$0.15 or less$1.59$1.00
Price – International (per page)$0.15 or less$5.00$7.99
Hours of Operation (local time)24/7/3658am-7pm | M-F7am-10pm | M-F
How can you send a fax near you?Mobile, tablet, desktop computer from app or websiteIn store onlyIn store only
Can you send multiple faxes at once?Yes, select up to 50 recipients or documents at once.No.No.
*As of Feb 2020, varies by location

Manage Your Costs

Sending traditional faxes usually means paying for each individual fax. This can make it difficult to estimate your expenses from month to month. With eFax, you can send up to 150 faxes each month for one low monthly rate, starting at just $18.99. You can choose to pay by the month or annually. This makes it easier than ever before to manage your costs.

Don't Invest in a Costly, Tough-to-Maintain Fax Machine

Paying by the fax can make it tough to estimate expenses, but purchasing and maintaining a fax machine can be even worse. Before you spend money on a new fax machine and a landline phone to go with it, skip the hassle and invest in online fax services instead. Not only can this save money, but it also gives you the ability to send faxes from your existing devices, from anywhere you are.

Store Your Faxes Online for Free

Paper documents are easy to lose and take up a lot of space to store. If you find that you need to reference a fax that you sent several months or even several years ago, you’ll be left rifling through filing cabinets in hopes that it hasn’t gotten lost. eFax offers a simple, effective alternative. You’ll get free online storage and instant backups for all your online faxes. This means that you can access them when you need them, from any device.

Use Your Smartphone to Send Faxes From Anywhere

If you’ve ever sent a fax on a traditional machine, you know what the dreaded busy signal means—you’ll have to take even more time to send your fax. You’re tied to the machine until it’s sent, too. And if one office shares a single fax machine, you might find a line waiting for you at busy times of the day. Online faxes allow employees to send faxes from their computers or even their smartphones. This not only makes the process fast and simple but also allows you to send faxes when you aren’t in the office.

Receive Faxes Without the Hassle

Receiving faxes the old-fashioned way is no less complicated. Sometimes you’ll find that the document didn’t fully print, so you’ll need to pay to print it a second time. Or, you might discover that too many copies are printed—and you’ll have to pay for those too. You’re also still restricted by the operating hours of your chosen fax services. Printing sensitive documents? You’ll be left hoping that no one picks up your fax before you can grab it. With eFax, faxes are sent directly to your device, safely and securely, and you can access them from anywhere.

Still Need to Find Fax Services Near You?

Don’t want to take advantage of the many benefits of online faxing? If you don’t mind spending extra, being restricted by operating hours or don’t want the ease of sending and receiving faxes from your mobile device, any time of day, you can still go the traditional route. Below we’ve outlined what you need to know about the best fax services near you.

The Best Fax Services Near You

Searching “Where to fax near me?”  The most popular traditional fax services today are Office Depot, Staples, FedEx and UPS. While they can’t beat the convenience and cost-savings of eFax, they will allow you to send and receive traditional paper faxes.

Fax Service Price Per Page*
UPS  $2.00
FedEx  $1.89
Staples  $1.50
Office Depot  $1.59
*Pricing as of Feb. 2022, varies by location

How to Search for "Fax Services Near Me"

Another option for finding traditional fax services is to search directly for “fax services near me” in your area.

Send Online Faxes From Anywhere, Anytime

eFax simplifies the process of sending and receiving faxes. You’ll save time, money and hassle and gain the ability to send and receive faxes from anywhere, at any time. Get started today to see just how convenient this service can be. If you’re still on the fence, check out these reviews from real customers.
Send and receive faxes in minutes. Start faxing now.

Send and receive faxes in minutes.