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eFax® Give Lawyers the Power to Send and Receive Vital Documents Fast

Legal teams rely on eFax to deliver all their vital documentation. For lawyers and attorneys, building and maintaining trusting relationships with their clientele is essential. Safeguarding their information and ensuring it is delivered to the correct recipient as quickly as possible is an integral part of nurturing those relationships.

Easily Send Essential Documents E

The legal industry relies on faxing, with lawyers frequently needing to sign and send documents or secure client signatures. Time is of the essence, and fax is the only way to go. 

Why would a lawyer fax documents? On any day, attorney may need to send documents to courts, clients, legal colleagues, insurance companies, and other parties. There’s no end to the reasons a legal team might need to fax legal documents. 

The dates and timestamps on faxes are vital when it comes to legal disputes, as they create essential information that can act as key evidence if proof is required of when documents were received and sent. 

Life is notoriously hectic for legal teams with lawyers juggling busy schedules, court sessions and appointments with multiple clients. Making the most out of every moment of your billable hours is vital, and eFax is here to save attorneys time and energy while reducing their administrative costs.

Send and receive faxes in minutes.

Fax Anytime, Anywhere

Urgent documents and client requests can arrive at any time. With eFax, you can rest assured that your lawyers can respond promptly to every piece of correspondence, no matter where they are. Heading down to the courthouse to argue a case or on the road in between depositions, eFax enables you to fax important documents quickly and with ease.

Mobile App

When you have the eFax mobile app, your legal team has the power to swiftly and easily address the needs of your clients anywhere, at any time. From any mobile device, you can receive, send, or edit your faxes on the go through the convenience of the eFax Android and iOS mobile apps.

Easy Address Book

When you need to send a fax you can easily access the fax number of your recipient via the contact list on your phone. It’s much like sending them an email. Alternatively, you can add their number manually. In just a couple of taps, your fax will be winging its way to your intended recipient. 


Using the Mobile App to Make Annotations

With the eFax mobile app, you don’t need to print off documents, sign them, and scan them back in again. Using the annotation feature in the app you can easily add any necessary annotations to your deeds, contracts, agreements, and other important documentation. 

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Easily Sign and Fax Documents

When time is of the essence, you need a system in place that ensures your legal firm’s vital documents can be signed and sent quickly and with ease. The problem with emailing documentation is that it creates too many steps. While sending it is simple, the recipient must then download the document, print it off, sign it and scan it, all before returning it to you. The more steps involved in the process, the higher the chance of client confusion and slow response.  eFax completely eliminates these time-wasting steps by enabling your recipient to receive and digitally sign your document. This makes the process of securing signatures swift, efficient, and far more likely to be promptly done as it doesn’t require so many different steps, not to mention access to a printer. Your team can enjoy the benefits of simple, convenient electronic signatures, whatever device they’re using (computer, tablet, or smartphone).

On-demand signatures are very easy to create in the app as well. You simply need to swipe your finger across your device’s screen to draw your signature. Alternatively, you can scan in a handwritten version of your signature and upload it for your use any time, anywhere. Simply take a photograph of your signature on your device (or send it to your device). Once you have your signature image on your app, you can simply drag and drop it into place on any document that needs it. 

An Efficient Faxing Experience

By integrating your faxing system with cloud-based applications you can also maximize your efficiency. This is a trick many legal teams have adopted already, which means your competitors are almost certainly already using a faxing system like eFax. To compete with the level of customer service they offer you need a system in place that matches that efficiency. 

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Folder Organization

Nothing beats a nice organized system that helps you keep things in order. With eFax, you can sort your faxes into folders organized by client to easily locate important contracts and agreements. You can also use customizable tags or keyword categories to help simplify your search.

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Cloud Storage

The era of filing cabinets and Rolodex are behind us. By using the integrated cloud storage that is a part of the eFax app, you can take advantage of modern, third-party cloud document storage apps. Whether you utilize Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox, everything works seamlessly together. Fax more than 170 supported file types directly to clients, courts, other government offices, and more.

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Easily Share Large Files

File sharing is frequently a problem due to limitations placed on the size of the file you can send. With eFax, you don’t need to worry that your documents will be too large to share. The app features Large File sharing, enabling you to easily disseminate your legal documentation, client intake forms, and other important documentation, without being limited by file size. 

Connect With Your Existing Contacts

Import your client contacts and address books directly into your eFax account, and simply select their information from your contact list when you need to send a fax.

Never Wonder If Something Was Sent

There’s nothing worse than waiting on a response to a vital document and having that doubt in the back of your mind: did I actually send it? 

With eFax, you can receive email confirmations that each of your faxes has been successfully delivered so that you never need to worry. No delays waiting for replies from people who haven’t received anything. No second-guessing yourself. Just simple, assured efficiency. 

Easily Communicate with Multiple Parties

Legal cases are rarely simple affairs. Even when there are only two individuals involved, the number of parties your legal team needs to speak to in relation to the case can be extensive. eFax effectively allows you to communicate efficiently and easily with multiple parties, clients, and key players in a single, streamlined process. 

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eFax® is the Best Choice for Legal Teams

eFax helps legal teams establish trusted client relationships through quick and easy communication.
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Are You Ready for Easy Faxing?

Whatever the faxing needs of your lawyers and team members, eFax has you covered. Send your faxes in minutes. Receive replies swiftly. Annotate your documents and share with multiple parties, without the need to worry about file sizes, speed, or whether your email got through or not. Sign with a swipe of your finger on a screen, or drag and drop a saved signature into place. It is just that easy.

Say goodbye to inefficient systems and slow document transfers. Start faxing now.

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