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eFax® Improves Insurance Companies' Efficiency

Insurance companies use eFax to manage and organize fax documents from any connected device.

Faxing to Fit Any Workflow

Countless insurance-related documents are sent and received each day. With eFax, insurance companies can ensure that documents are transmitted as efficiently as possible, by faxing anytime and anywhere. Employees can manage faxes via email, online through their eFax account, or even through their mobile device to eliminate delays associated with traditional faxing and respond quickly to urgent customer needs.

Send and receive faxes in minutes.

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The eFax Mobile App: A Quick and Efficient Way to Fax

Insurance companies must send and receive documents for internal use and to communicate with businesses and customers. There’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with fax machine wait times, printer jams, and busy signals. With the eFax mobile app, employees can send and receive important documents directly from their smartphone or tablet.


Mobile App

You can use any mobile device to send, receive, or edit fax documents. All you need is the eFax iOS or Android mobile app.



Eliminate the need to print, sign and scan confidential customer forms by annotating them within the eFax mobile app instead. Whenever you need to include an explanation or comment within your fax documents, the eFax mobile app’s annotation feature enables you to do so.


Document Signature
Sign documents using the Electronic Signature feature by swiping a finger across a mobile device screen or uploading a picture of a handwritten signature using a smartphone. With a few taps of a finger, the fax will be on its way.

eFax: A Paperless Faxing Solution

Did you know the world currently consumes 416 metric tons of paper and paperboard? Paper is responsible for 26% of all waste deposited in landfills? The insurance industry certainly contributes more than its fair share. After all, only 40% of the industry has adopted digital technology, while the rest rely on paperwork to conduct business.

An online faxing solution like eFax can help reduce your paper usage.

Insurance companies can improve efficiency by faxing the required documentation digitally, whenever and wherever required. eFax enables your employees to fax paperwork using several electronic methods:

And unlike traditional faxing, which requires you to be within the vicinity of a fax machine and have paper available for transmission, eFax is location-independent. There’s no delay when you are required to respond quickly to customer queries.


Keep Your Company Information Confidential

Data security has become a matter of increasing concern for many customers. Research shows that 81% of people believe the risks associated with a companies’ data collection efforts are far greater than the benefits. In addition, 79% of Americans worry about how companies are using their data.

Insurance companies regularly transmit confidential documents via fax, including coverage information, data records, and personal information. By switching to online fax, you eliminate the risk that confidential documents will sit unattended at a fax machine.
Fax transmissions are also more secure and difficult to hack than email due to their encrypted nature. Because insurance companies deal with confidential information frequently and must ensure that customer information is protected, they should invest in the most efficient online fax technology.

Improve Organization

Insurance companies deal with a lot of customers, and therefore a lot of information. Lengthy records from multiple different customers often need to be sent to other parties and the customers themselves. eFax helps insurance companies organize this information through a variety of helpful features.

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Mobile App

The eFax mobile app can help your company get organized. To keep track of your insurance files, especially when dealing with many clients simultaneously, you can:

  • Use Customizable Tags
  • Create Keyword Categories
  • Create Multiple Folders
icon cloud storage
Cloud Storage

The Cloud Storage eFax feature is key for accessing fax documents anywhere and anytime. Use Cloud Storate to integrate eFax documents with third-party cloud storage platforms, such as:

  • Dropbox
  • iCloud
  • Google Drive

Over 170 file types are supported and can be faxed directly to other parties.

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File Sharing
Use the Large File sharing feature to send lengthy documents without worrying about size constraints.

What People are Saying About eFax

How eFax Cuts Unnecessary Costs

Looking to reduce your business printing costs? When using eFax, insurance companies can significantly cut printing costs, allowing them to concentrate on providing the best and most efficient service for clients. Below are the various ways insurance companies can cut down costs with eFax:

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Eliminates the Need for a Fax Machine

Regardless of your faxing needs, if you opt for eFax, you'll eliminate the cost of purchasing fax machines and maintaining a fax phone line.

Money Saving

Cut spending on expensive supplies like ink, paper, and toner by switching to online fax.

Equipment Maintenance

Every piece of equipment will experience wear and tear over time. So, to keep your fax machines functioning optimally, you need to maintain them regularly. That requires a time investment and costs money.

However, when you embrace eFax, you will reduce the need to maintain fax machines and update old servers. In addition, since you will not need fax machines to deal with the many insurance documents within your organization, you will spend less time, money, and effort on maintaining fax equipment.

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