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Consensus Spin-Off Cloud Fax and Electronic Signature Products as New Public Companies

by John Nebergall
We are pleased to share with you exciting news that Consensus, Inc. announced that it plans to split into two independent, publicly traded companies. The two new companies will be Consensus Inc. and Consensus. Our Cloud Fax brands, Consensus products, and digital signature product will operate under the new Consensus organization.
This new independent public company structure affords the additional ability for our teams and resources to bring even more focus on what matters most to our customers – innovation, value, and service.
Our current team will continue serving you, and we are pleased to share that Scott Turicchi, the current President and CFO of Consensus, will become the Consensus CEO, and John Nebergall, the current SVP and GM for Cloud Fax, will be the Consensus COO.
New Company, Same Team, More Focus on Delivering Value 
Our customers expect superior value from our solutions and services, and as an independent company, Consensus is set to focus our resources, assets, investments, and people on creating value that truly matters to our customers, while maintaining core values that brought us here. We are – and continue to be – your trusted partner in secure data exchange and end-to-end interoperability.
What This Change Means for You
In the next few months, there will be much activity on our side to complete the formation of Consensus. We expect the legal and financial separation to be complete by Q3 of this year. Consensus will continue to provide transition services to ensure that there is no business disruption while we establish Consensus as a standalone company.
This exciting transition provides us with a unique opportunity to innovate solutions that will help our customers succeed with interoperability and more effectively meet new regulatory requirements. During this time, our customers will not see changes in service, performance, or other business activities as it relates to their accounts.
We look forward to our future together. Thank you for being a part of our product family.

John Nebergall - SVP, GM - Fax

John Nebergall, is a Senior Vice President and General Manager of Consensus Cloud Solutions Fax Business Unit. Mr. Nebergall is an accomplished senior executive with over 30 years of operating experience in the compliance space, with a particular emphasis in Healthcare IT.

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