How Internet Faxing Works

eFax is a unique internet-based fax service that enables you to send and receive faxes online, by email and via mobile devices, meaning you can access the service at any time, from any place.
If you'd like to try out this amazing service without paying a penny, sign up for a free trial and see what eFax can do for you.

Send Faxes Online, by Email and Mobile Devices

When you sign up for an eFax account, you can send and receive faxes using any device that is connected to the internet (home computers, laptops, mobile smartphones and tablets), avoiding the hassle and drawbacks which are typically associated with the traditional fax machine.

The eFax service offers multiple ways to quickly and safely send and receive fax documents over the internet. With an eFax account, you can do all of the following:


Send Fax Messages Online

Sending fax messages over the internet is easy when you have an eFax account. All you have to do is log into your secure eFax account and follow the simple instructions which are displayed there.


Send Faxes By Email

eFax allows you to send fax messages through your email account. This combines the quick efficiency of email with the trusted security of traditional fax messages. All major email clients including Gmail, Hotmail and Outlook are fully compatible with the eFax service.


Send Faxes Over Mobile Devices

Thanks to the handy eFax mobile app, you can send fax messages over the internet at any time, from any place (so long as there is an internet connection) via your mobile device. All major forms of mobile device are fully supported by the service, including both Apple iOS and Android operating system-based mobile smartphones and tablets.


Send Fax Online in Three Easy Steps with eFax

Using the eFax service to send a fax message over the internet couldn't be simpler. Send faxes online in seconds with our easy three-step guide:

how to send step 1
Step 1. To send faxes online, log into your eFax account and select “Send Faxes” from your “My Account” page.
how to send step 2
Step 2. Enter your intended recipient's fax number, or select them from your list of saved contacts.
how to send step 3
Step 3. You can attach up to 10 documents at a time. Once your documents are attached, simply click on the “Send Fax” button.

And you're done!

Your intended recipient(s) will quickly receive their documents directly to their fax machine, just as they would had you sent your fax message the traditional way. Sending fax from online is easy, convenient and secure! Try it today.


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How to Send a Fax to Email in Three Easy Steps

eFax allows you to send fax by email instantly and with minimal fuss. Our fax to email service is as easy as 1,2,3!

how to receive step 1
Step 1. Simply open a new email and compose your message as normal.
how to receive step 2
Step 2. Type your intended recipient's fax number, followed by, into the "To:" field.
how to receive step 3
Step 3. Attach the fax document that you wish to send, then wait for it to upload. Once ready, just click "Send".

Your recipient(s) will receive the message on their fax machine shortly, just as if you had sent the message from a traditional, physical fax machine.

How to Send a Fax By Mobile

The eFax mobile app is another convenient way to send and receive faxes over the internet, adding an extra degree of flexibility to your business. Once you have the eFax mobile app installed, you'll be able to send faxes while on the go by following these three steps:
how to send a fax by mobile 3
Tap the "View Faxes" button to open and review the faxes on your device.
how to send a fax by mobile 3
Tap "Tap the "Sign Faxes" button to add your electronic signature to your message, then save your signed fax.
how to send a fax by mobile 3
Tap the "Send Faxes" button and select the intended recipient(s) who you wish to send your message to.
Just as with sending a fax message through the eFax website or via email, your recipient(s) will receive their fax messages on their machine, just like you had sent it the old-fashioned way.