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For over 15 years, eFax®'s upward of 11 million satisfied customers have relied on our bespoke fax-to-email solutions in order to get their business done in a quick and efficient manner. As your business has no doubt evolved over this space of time, so too has ours. eFax®'s refusal to rest on our laurels is reflected in our embracing of the very latest in technological advancements and updates, as we look to give our loyal customers the very best in terms of world class online faxing solutions. To that end, we now offer a whole host of new and exciting advanced features which will help your company perform much more efficiently in this fast-paced online business world, even when working via mobile smartphones..

Some of eFax® UK’s helpful new additional features which will allow you to better manage your business online include the ability to generate large file transfers, easily convert files into PDF documents, a bespoke cloud storage system and the very handy new Electronic Signature feature.

Our advanced new Electronic Signature feature and document management suite will help you and your business to continue to be as fast and efficient as possible when it comes to managing your documents online and sending them to your clients via fax or email, mobile or desktop. Here at eFax® UK, we pride ourselves on helping you close that all important deal and understand that time is usually of the essence when it comes to business transactions, so anything which helps streamline the process in this regard is our number one priority.

The Benefits of Using Electronic Signatures

eFax® UK’s bespoke Electronic Signature functionality is yet another innovative way in which we help our loyal customers save time, be more responsive to their customers, and close important deals more efficiently — even when they are on the go. Agility in business is more important than ever these days, and here at eFax we understand this completely, hence why we created our bespoke service to be completely mobile-friendly – to save time for our customers and maximise their efficiency!

With the new eFax UK Electronic Signature feature, all you have to do is simply drag and drop your unique digital stamp onto any digital document that needs to be signed, save it like you would with any other type of virtual document and then send it on to your clients, customers and business associates. All of this can be done by email through the eFax service. Since this negates the need for printing and scanning, it greatly reduces clutter and saves you a whole lot of valuable time thanks to a much more streamlined process!


Close Deals Faster

With eFax UK’s Electronic Signature feature, you can sign your documents digitally and then send by email immediately!


Be More Responsive

Improve your customer relations and efficiencies by quickly signing faxes from anywhere in the world, even when you are on the go and using a mobile device!


Save Time

You can now sign your documents without having to print or scan them in order to add a signature, saving plenty of time in the process!

How Does An Electronic Signature Work?

There are two different ways in which you can create an Electronic Signature for use in your day-to-day business dealings. Both of these have their own distinct advantages which are outlined in detail below- see which one suits your business needs the best:

Drag-and-Drop Your Electronic Signature

If you want to create your own bespoke Electronic Signature which can be used as your default, all you have to do is take a photo of your existing hand-written signature and store it online (like in a cloud-based storage system for example). Then you can simply drag and drop your electronic signature stamp onto any digital fax document and you’re done!

Sign Onscreen With Your Finger (Mobile)

If you would like to sign your signature electronically via your mobile smartphone or tablet without the need for accessing your traditional written signature, eFax UK’s new ‘sign onscreen’ functionality allows you to sign your documents directly on your device’s screen using either your finger or a stylus as if it were a traditional pen or pencil. You can simply replicate your old signature from memory this way, making it feel natural, simple and comfortable.

Why not see for yourself just how easy it is to sign, send and store online documents with eFax UK’s bespoke suite of advanced internet faxing services?
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