eFax's Easy PDF Converter

Do you need to open or send and receive important files as PDF documents? When you use eFax's handy file converter, you will be able to quickly and efficiently convert your received online fax files (as well as all sorts of other kinds of files) into the PDF, TIFF or JPEG file formats, so they can be opened, read, reviewed, sent and received with ease..


What Kinds of File Formats Can Be Converted By eFax?

On occasion, you may receive an online fax document in a file format which your smartphone, tablet or computer's operating system does not recognise, meaning you cannot open or read the attachment. This can be a real blocker in terms of business efficiency. Fortunately, eFax have the perfect solution to solve this problem.

eFax's easy to use PDF Converter is a clever feature which will allow you to quickly and efficiently convert any received online fax files into PDF files. As PDFs are one of the most recognised and widely used file formats on the market today, this will allow you to open your received internet fax files easily, taking the hassle and stress out of sending and receiving fax messages online.

The eFax file converter is not just limited to creating PDF files. This great feature also allows you to convert your received files into other file formats too, including JPEG images and TIFF files, giving you the simple flexibility that you need to send on your documents in the file format which best suits your individual business needs.

How To Convert Online Faxes Into PDF Files

Converting file formats with eFax is easy. All you need to do is follow these simple steps:


Sign up for a free trial account and install the eFax software onto your computer or mobile device. This will enable the PDF Converter feature as it comes as part of a standard eFax account.


Open any of your eFax documents (they will be marked with the .efx file suffix) and simply select "Export" if you wish to convert the file directly to a PDF, or click "Save as" if you wish to choose between the TIFF or JPEG image file formats.


That's it - you're done! You can now easily read, review, send or forward your newly converted PDF, TIFF or JPEG file - we told you it would be easy!


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