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What Is Email Fax? Why It Isn’t The Same as Emailing

– by eFax Team

At eFax, we are often asked a simple but very important question: What is email fax? There is an important distinction between an email fax and a standard email. In this blog, we explain exactly what that is and why businesses need email fax.

Article overview:

What Is Email Fax?

Email fax is the system of sending fax documentation through your email services. You upload digital files and send them using your email account.

eFax is compatible with all email services, including popular platforms like Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo.

Why Use Email Fax Instead of Regular Emails?

Email fax has a number of benefits over traditional email services. eFax enables increased communication functionality that you could not achieve through normal providers. With eFax, you can:
  • Send a fax document directly from your email to a fax machine
  • Achieve better legal authenticity through timestamps and accurate date certification
  • Access all fax files sent via our easy-to-use document management portal.

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What Is Email Fax?

Email fax is exactly what it sounds like.

Your business uses an email service to submit fax documents over the internet. Email fax removes the need for fax machine hardware, as your files can be sent and received through entirely online platforms.

The eFax email fax service works with all email providers. It doesn’t matter whether you are with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or operate your own internal business email system; eFax can be adapted to your specific communication platform.

How Does Email Fax Work?

When you use eFax, faxing through email becomes incredibly simple. But how? How is it that you can use your email account to send faxes to a fax machine?

It’s all about using our innovative online fax service.

To send an email fax, you write up a message and attach a document as you would with a standard email. Where the system deviates from the normal process is when it comes to adding your recipient. Instead of adding an email address, you input your recipient’s fax number followed by a unique eFax domain address. Then you hit the send button.

Instead of going straight to your recipient, the message is sent to the eFax fax servers. Our advanced technology reconfigures the message and email attachments into a format readable by traditional fax machines. We then forward your online fax so it can be picked up by the intended third party.

If somebody wants to send you documents, we will carry out this process in reverse. eFax takes the physically submitted files, converts them to readable digital files like PDF or JPEG and sends them to your email address.

Email vs Email Fax: The Key Differences

There are two big differences between traditional emails and email fax sent through eFax. These are:
  • The Ability to Submit Documents to Fax Machines

    You cannot send an email to a fax machine directly. The two technologies are not compatible. With eFax email faxing, however, you can. Our solutions enable you to use our fax servers to submit emails to fax machines with zero fuss. Email fax expands your business’s fax capabilities.
  • Enhance the Legal Authenticity of Online Documents

    Email is notoriously susceptible to slowdowns, inconsistencies, manipulation and more. As a result, emails are not thought to be authentic legal documents and are rarely considered for legal proceedings. However, fax documents are much more acceptable. This is because of their method of transmission, which features more accurate timestamps and dates. By using eFax email fax services, you can improve the authenticity of your data transmissions and ensure documents support legal procedures when necessary.

What Are The Benefits of Using Email Fax for Your Business?

What is email fax if not a new-age solution to your faxing requirements? This means there are many advantages to incorporating email fax into your business processes.
  • Remove Fax Machines from Your Workplace

    Fax machines are slow, expensive and prone to security breaches. By moving to eFax, you can send your fax from your email accounts, removing the need for traditional fax machines altogether.
  • Keep Things Simple

    When it comes to upgrading fax processes, the last thing you want is to overcomplicate things with new systems and technology. Email fax works like normal email but with just one tweaked step. This means that the practice is very familiar for your staff, requiring no additional training or hardware. eFax makes updating your business communication easy!
  • Fax From Anywhere

    If you have an internet connection and you can access your email, you can now send a fax. Our email fax platform is compatible with all smartphones with email access, including Android and iPhone. You don’t have to rely on immobile physical fax machines anymore; you can enjoy the flexibility of entirely remote faxing.
  • Send Large Files Quickly

    Using email fax means you can simply upload files and send them. eFax allows for documents up to 3GB in size to be faxed at once. You no longer need to spend time walking to the other side of the office, waiting in a queue and feeding page after page into a fax machine. Fast fax is just one click or tap away!
  • Send Fax to Multiple Recipients at Once

    With eFax email fax, you can submit the same fax message and attached documents to up to five recipients at any one time. Dramatically reduce the amount of time it takes to send multiple fax documents by sending them to multiple machines using email fax.
  • Manage Your Fax Documents Easily

    When you send a fax through email, or somebody sends a fax to you, it is saved and archived in your document management system. Safely stored on the secure eFax cloud servers, your fax documentation is easily accessible for both new users and referrals whenever you need it.
  • Update Your Technology without Losing Connectivity

    Fax machines are dated technology, and many businesses are seeking to remove them from their practices. However, with billions of fax still sent each year, by removing fax completely, you exclude yourself from certain communication channels. Not so with eFax. Our email fax systems let you ditch the fax machine without saying goodbye to fax itself.

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