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Send And Receive Faxes Online Or By Email

eFax® UK’s premium online faxing service allows you to easily send and receive faxes over the internet by means of email or via the eFax mobile app, using your PC or Mac computer or mobile device (either tablet or smartphone).

Once you have decided to use the eFax UK internet faxing service, you will then have the choice of keeping your existing fax number or getting a new one, allowing you to easily set up a virtual office. With our quick and easy set up you will be taking control of your company’s faxing needs within minutes.

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Why not just email your documents?

Internet faxing is often confused with email, with many potential customers asking questions such as, “Is an internet fax not just another way of saying email?”. While the two messaging services do appear to be quite similar at first glance, when we look into them more closely there are some very important differences that set them apart. Indeed, online faxing services actually have some key advantages which emails do not.

The main benefit of opting for internet faxing solutions over email for your business is a very practical one. To put it simply, you cannot send an email to a fax machine unless you use an online fax service such as eFax®. This is why faxes are still very much part of the modern business’ IT infrastructure, even though newer technologies such as emails and cloud-based storage systems have become intertwined with the 21st Century workspace.

The Advantages of Online Faxing Services


Simple & Easy to Use

eFax® UK’s online fax solutions are very easy to use and don’t require any complicated software or hardware installations, updates or upgrades. Once you’re set up, you’re ready to go!


No Obligation Subscription Services

With eFax UK’s rolling monthly business contracts, you can cancel your subscription at any time should you ever have the need to do so. This fair system gives eFax UK’s customers short term flexibility and prevents them from being tied down to a lengthy contract for a service they are not actively using anymore.


Private & Secure Connections

All faxes which are sent via the eFax UK online faxing service are sent directly to your email inbox, ensuring confidentiality, security and privacy, so you can conduct your online business transactions in confidence.


Save Money with eFax UK

If your company is currently making use of a traditional hardwired fax machine, you could potentially save your business a lot money by making the switch over to the eFax® UK bespoke set of business features. The many advantages of switching over to eFax include saving money on fixed line rental, machine maintenance and paper, ink and toner costs.


Save Time & Increase Productivity

You can greatly improve company productivity and business efficiency by managing your faxes from your computer. The use of online fax services will allow your company to avoid paper jams, toner replacements and lost faxes, making for a much more efficient and less stressful office working environment.


eFax UK's Features


Fax By Email

The eFax® UK service links up with your email address to make sending and receiving a fax over the internet as easy as sending or receiving an ordinary email.

Archive Your Faxes

With eFax, you can quickly and efficiently look up and locate sent and received faxes and view their confirmation receipts which come complete with accurate time and date stamps.

Send Faxes To Multiple Recipients

You can send a fax to more than one fax number at the same time and receive a confirmation for each fax sent.

Fax Over Mobile Devices

You can now use your mobile smartphone or tablet device to send business faxes from any place at any time by using our eFax® UK iOS or Android apps or accessing your online account.

Multiple Users At Once

The eFax UK services allows up to 5 individual users with separate email addresses to use the same fax number, meaning your full team can make good use of the one eFax account without having to pay extra.

Fax Online

Your business can send and receive faxes from any browser, whether you are using a traditional personal computer or a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, by signing into your eFax® UK account online.

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eFax Reviews

Of course, you shouldn’t simply take our word for it when we say that eFax UK’s bespoke set of online faxing tools are a worthwhile and valuable investment for your company. When investing in any new business service it is always good practice to look up the views of industry experts. Fortunately, eFax UK is held in very high regard by those in the know.
Below are some quotes from reviewers who were very impressed with the eFax UK suite of tools:

Lee Clarke,

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PortWise, Inc.
"eFax has proven to be a viable low-cost alternative to traditional fax options - highly recommended for companies of any size."

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