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How to Receive Fax Online: Your Quick Guide to Receiving Fax

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Being able to receive fax online, instead of relying on outdated fax machines, can have a dramatic effect on your business. From improved security to lower operating costs, there are plenty of reasons to adopt this technology. But how do you do it?

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Why Would You Want to Receive Fax Online?

Online fax represents an evolution of outdated fax technology, allowing your business to achieve fax communication success without the drawbacks of old hardware. Giving your business the ability to receive fax online can boost productivity, reduce costs and increase security.

How to Receive Fax Online

It’s easy for your business to acquire the ability to receive fax online. Subscription to eFax online fax services gives your brand all the tools it needs to achieve more advanced digital fax solutions.

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What Is Online Fax?

Traditional fax works through a very simple yet outdated process. You input a physical document into your fax machine. The hardware then converts this physical document into encoded analogue data that it transfers to another machine. The receiving machine converts the encoded data back into the original image and produces a new physical document. It cannot be argued that this wasn’t an effective tool for business communication when it was first introduced. For decades, it’s enabled important information to be shared quickly and effectively. But in the 21st-century, this practice has become obsolete.

Online fax is the evolution of traditional fax. It takes the process from analogue to digital, allowing your business to receive fax documents through internet-ready devices rather than traditional fax machine hardware. You can use digital fax even if the sender still operates old-fashioned fax machines. They send you a file using the conventional fax hardware and your digital platform converts it into a readable format that your computer devices can open.


The Benefits of Receiving Online Fax

So if online faxing allows you to receive a fax from a fax machine, why not carry on using a fax machine? There are a few key benefits to using digital fax over traditional fax, and these include:
  • Improve fax security — Fax transmissions are not encrypted, which means sensitive documents can be intercepted. Fax machines themselves also produce a variety of security risks, from being easy to hack to producing unprotected paper documentation that can be viewed by unauthorized individuals. Online fax secures fax documents behind access controls and digital file encryption. When you receive an online fax, you achieve much higher levels of security appropriate to modern data protection demands.
  • Manage your documents better — When you receive online fax, the file is stored in an online document management system. Here, it can easily be accessed for later referral or data sharing. This is not the case with paper documents printed by a fax machine. These items are easily lost, difficult to store and can become damaged. They are also only available from one location, making them inflexible for remote work or use by multiple individuals.
  • Cut down on operating costs — Fax machines place a heavy financial burden on your business. The machines themselves are expensive. Then you have to pay for resources like ink, toner and paper, alongside maintenance fees and phone line rental. Digital fax requires only a single monthly subscription cost — a much more cost-effective method of receiving fax.
  • Improve your workplace productivity — Fax machines are time sinks. It takes a lot of time to receive a fax and print it, especially if its a large file. If the machine is already in use, the reception of your file can be delayed even further. This is not a problem with online faxing, as files are received instantly and accessible by multiple users at once.

How to Receive Fax Online

Receiving fax online is an incredibly simple process. It doesn’t require any new hardware or software; you don’t even need to provide training when introducing it into your business. To receive fax online, all you have to do is:
  1. Sign up to eFax services and register your account
  2. Select your new fax number or port your old fax number to your eFax account
  3. Provide your clients and partners with your eFax account fax number
  4. Log in to eFax’s online portal or download the eFax app to view your digital fax.
It’s that simple. Access to our service is near-instant after registration is complete. Your business can ditch outdated fax practices. Start receiving fax online today with eFax and enjoy all the benefits our new-age solution has to offer.

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