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Security and Cyber-attacks: Are You Doing Everything You Can To Protect Your Business?

– by eFax Team

Security is a key priority of any online organisation. As the amount of data, and its value, increases year on year, demand grows for organisations to use the very best security measures to keep up with new and evolving threats.

Faxing remains a critical part of many organisations’ communications infrastructure, yet a reliance upon outdated, insecure and expensive on-premise fax servers generates a number of challenges.

Today, a new hybrid workforce needs to be enabled to send and sign vital documents and paperwork and do all this securely, regardless of when or where they are working at anytime. This is precisely why outdated, insecure and expensive on-premise fax servers are unreliable and unfit for the resilient and regulatory demands of today.

Digital cloud fax is an alternative and more secure option.


As well as improved privacy, the best digital cloud fax providers offer encryption using advanced security standards, combating sophisticated cyber threats.

Digital cloud fax services push the boundaries of security for managing the transfer and storage of important information. These fax services handle the entire fax process on the cloud, taking the responsibility from small internal IT teams that struggle to keep system security processes completely up-to-date, and passes it to dedicated experts whose sole job is to remain at the forefront of security protocols.

With security threats developing daily, it’s no surprise that existing legacy systems and outdated approaches are ill-suited to tackle modern threats. Fax technology is no different. With many organisations wrestling with ongoing digital transformation journeys, most are caught in a dangerous no-man’s land. As they digitise their operations, they also increase their risk, but their security processes have yet to evolve at the same rate.

The recent cyber-attack on Ireland’s Health Service Executive highlights the everlasting threat to data and stands as a reminder to remain vigilant in protecting IT systems. The cyber-attack caused significant delays to very important health services, such as radiology and diagnostic systems, maternity, and infant care, among others. Patient data stolen from the cyber-attack was shared online, in what was a huge breach of patient privacy. The importance of protecting IT systems from cyber-attacks is realised most when it affects key areas such as healthcare. 

Whilst all agree that security and cyber-attack prevention is extremely important, many may not realise that they are not doing their utmost to protect their systems. It’s crucial that organisations seek the best expertise and solutions in their field.

Digital cloud fax secures vital paperwork and documents across the enterprise and is well suited to handling today’s modern security threats, rather than relying on outdated, expensive, and ultimately less secure legacy fax server technology.

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