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IT Managers and CIOs (Chief Information Officers) often come to us looking to find a solution to their faxing problems. Many organisations’ high volume of faxing can add an extra layer of expense to a company’s already growing office costs.

The obvious solution to such problems is to migrate your business’s fax infrastructure to a cloud-based faxing solution. And while most companies know this is entirely possible, either by sending or receiving faxes by email, a web-interface or mobile application, they ‘re often not aware of what the process looks like.

After all, most of these enterprises’ IT departments are still working with infrastructures which have not changed all that much since the 1980s. These tend to be made up of traditional fax machines and outdated in-house fax servers (Read our related post titled “Is it time for you to retire such fax servers?)

The Advantages of Internet Faxing

Saying goodbye to your old in-house equipment can prove to be a daunting task for some organisations, but upgrading to a cloud faxing solution can provide numerous benefits related to both company efficiency and faxing costs.

Traditional hardware-based faxing uses phone lines, which generally come with significant monthly costs. While in numerous cases, old-fashioned fax machines have been replaced with more advanced multi-function printers, the general processes associated with faxing through such systems remain largely unchanged.

As business faxing continues to rely on the somewhat outdated MFPs, a lot of companies are still sending faxes as they did well over a decade ago. Due to the persisting notion that old fashioned fax machines and analogue communication protocols are still the industry standard when it comes to faxing, a great many people working in IT aren’t quite sure exactly how faxing systems can work over the internet.

To this day, many do not know of the key benefits associated with internet faxing. Before making the big online switch, IT professionals usually get in contact with us to find answers to some frequently asked questions, such as:

Internet Faxing FAQs

  • “How can our employees / clients / customers send a fax to us through an email?”
  • “Are we able to use our pre-existing email software, or do we have to upgrade to a totally different platform?”
  • “Is it possible for us to create custom fax cover pages to help our company stand out?”
  • “Will we need to install any additional software when we upgrade to your cloud-based system? If so, will we have to make sure that this software is rolled out across every evice capable of sending and receiving faxes in our company?”
  • “Will we have to convert our files before sending them? And if so, what kinds of formats should we use?”
  • “A lot of the faxes that we send need to go overseas: Is that something that can be done with eFax Corporate?”

Online Faxing Tutorial

In order to quickly and efficiently answer all of the above questions, we created the following brief video tutorial (it’s less than a minute long).

It will quickly walk you through step-by-step process of making a brand new online fax message using little more than your business’ default email programme, which is unique to your company, and send your fax to anywhere in the world over a secure server, complete with an advanced TLS encryption.

Send Faxes to Anywhere in the World

Our complete video guide will walk you through each stage of moving your business faxing online and show you how easy it is to send your company’s first online fax.

The first step will show you how to send faxes both domestically and internationally. If you want to send a domestic internet fax, simply open a new message and in the “To” field, type your recipient’s fax number and add the suffix “”, e.g [email protected].

eFax Corporate also allows businesses to send international faxes with equal ease. The only difference for international faxing is that you will need to add the country code before the area code in the recipient’s number.

Once you have selected whether you wish to send your message domestically or internationally, all that needs to be done is simply adding an optional custom cover page. The eFax Corporate video tutorial contains simple instructions on how to attach your files and create a cover page message to accompany them.

Your New Communication Solution

Our complete video guide will walk you through each stage of moving your business faxing online and show you how easy it is to send your company’s first online fax.

Upon watching our short tutorial video, you should have a much better idea of how eFax Corporate’s cloud faxing service works giving you a better insight as to how it can benefit your organisation in terms of greatly improved efficiency as internal processes become more streamlined.

Cloud-based faxing requires little in the way of ongoing maintenance on behalf of your IT team and is the ideal solution for IT professionals looking to improve their company’s communications infrastructure. At eFax Corporate, we are very confident that bringing your company’s faxing online will pay great dividends for your business.

Our cloud-based solutions make sending and receiving faxes every bit as easy as sending a simple email message. To find out more about what an eFax Corporate account can do for your business that a regular eFax account cannot, including access to our exclusive admin portal and the use of a dedicated account rep, feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

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