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How to Fax From Mac (iPhones, iMacs, Macbooks and iPads)

– by eFax Team

Welcome to the future: sending a fax from Mac iOS.

Apple technology is the cornerstone of modern existence. iPhones, iMacs, Macbooks and iPads dominate the tech market. Their streamlined interface makes them easy to use, while their advanced security profiles have protected consumers from data theft and malicious attacks for years.

Mac products, it could be argued, are the opposite of a fax machine.

One is lean and sophisticated. The other is cumbersome and outdated. One is packed full of useful features that are constantly updated. The other hasn’t really changed since the 1970s.

iOS devices are coveted in many business circles for their ability to improve performance and efficiency. Conversely, fax machines are loathed in many business circles thanks to their drain on resources and potential for serious security breaches.

Fortunately, these pieces of hardware needn’t share the same space. Fax machines have remained in business culture for many years now because fax is such an important method of communication, but you don’t need a fax machine to fax anymore.

In the digital age, you can send a fax from Mac computers.

Why Use Fax Software for Mac Devices Instead of Fax Machines?

Cloud fax is a revolutionary technology that, much like Apple, has changed the way we communicate. A digital alternative to fax, cloud fax allows businesses to easily send fax online from Mac and iOS devices without the need for a fax machine. As the name “cloud” implies, the service is entirely online. Digital fax documents are transmitted over the internet, sent through Mac computers. Cloud fax takes the essential communication tool that is fax, merges it with Mac technology and removes the need for fax machines altogether. But cloud fax is more than just a simple fax machine replacement. The technology enhances your fax experience. Fax machines are famously archaic. They are limited in their design, highly inflexible and are known to have a range of functionality issues, from errors to security flaws. You can’t use fax machines for remote work. They aren’t compliant with data protection laws like GDPR, and their affinity for technical issues is nothing short of legendary. Yes, they let you send faxes, but they come with a host of nightmare problems nobody wants to deal with. The same cannot be said of faxing from a Mac with an online fax service. Yes, Macs can also send faxes, but that is where the similarities end. Macs are fast, flexible and built to meet the demands of our modern world. They offer security, keep data secure and easily support remote work lifestyles. The benefits of using a Mac to send your fax are seemingly endless, but a few key advantages are:
  • Fax is available anywhere you can take your Mac.
  • There are no queues when using your own Mac computer.
  • Everyone can have their own Mac to fax with, rather than sharing a fax machine.
  • Macs use state-of-the-art data security systems to secure your data.
However, these are far from the only advantages you’ll see. Faxing from a Mac has its benefits, but upgrading to cloud fax also has its own rewards:
  • Cloud fax saves your business money. It doesn’t require expensive fax machines, paper, ink and other resources. Nor does it require phone line rental and associated costs. The only fee is a low-cost monthly subscription.

  • Your cloud fax account allows for multiple user access at any one time, while also enabling large files to be sent instantly. This saves your business valuable time and boosts efficiency.

  • Cloud software is maintained remotely, which means if you have issues with your fax, they can be solved by a team of technicians immediately instead of arranging an engineer call out to fix your fax machine. But issues are rarely a problem for cloud fax, which has reliable uptimes thanks to being managed 24/7 by a team of support staff.

  • Built with high-level data encryption and access controls, with the ability to manage and delete files easily, cloud fax is compliant with modern data protection laws.
When you fax using iOS devices, you not only get the advantages of Mac, but you access the business-boosting benefits of cloud fax.

No obligation. No set-up fees. No risk.

How to Fax from Mac Computers with eFax

Mac iOS is famed for two things: being the brainchild of Steve Jobs and for being very easy to use. Apple products have risen to their dizzying heights because they were sold not on their technological capabilities, but on their lifestyle enhancements. iOS isn’t here to be the highest-spec device available, it’s here to be the best system and interface to use on the market. Using your Mac is easy, which means sending a fax from your Mac is easy too.

  • Register — Navigate to the eFax website on your web browser of choice. Safari works well if you’re on iOS. Register your eFax account, and sign up for your preferred package. Opportunities start at just £11 with a free trial available.

  • Sign In — Once you’ve signed up you can sign in. When you fax from your Mac, you do this by entering your login details on the eFax website. This will send you to the cloud fax portal.

  • Send Your Mac Fax — From the portal, you can access the eFax message centre. You can draft your fax transmission, attach any files, add signatures if required and send your fax. This all works very similar to an email, but instead of adding an email address to your address bar, you add the recipient’s fax number. Don’t worry if your recipient doesn’t have cloud fax, the documents sent from your Mac will be automatically converted to file types readable by fax machines whenever necessary.

How to Manage Incoming Fax from Mac

To manage your incoming faxes — as well as to review historic faxes, archive old faxes and curate your received files — you can go to your eFax cloud faxing portal and navigate to the document management centre. Here, you’ll find all your fax documents along with your sent files. It’s quick and easy to find faxes for the sake of referral — an important benefit for modern data protection laws.

Fax from your Mac today with eFax. Sign up to our industry-leading cloud fax service, and get immediate access to all our features. It’s fast and easy to join. Discover why 10 million other businesses have already made the eFax switch.

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