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How Faxing Has Stood the Test of Time

– by eFax Team

In an era of highly advanced business communications, proven by the numerous innovations that emerged in recent years, it would be easy to assume that faxing will soon be extinct. 

However, while modernisation has indeed made different forms of communication obsolete in the past, faxing still holds a distinct place in business, especially with companies based in the medical, financial or legal industry.

Legalities and Identity Authentication

Faxing is still one of the preferred modes of business communication, especially among organisations which deal with tons of paperwork, have strict data security guidelines and
a number of legal rules to follow. For example, there are certain companies that require contracts to be printed out and signed physically as opposed to electronically. 

Email signatures are rarely legally binding, hence the need to print out a copy of a document and sign it by hand. This is especially true for a lot of businesses in the healthcare and procurement industry. Further, creating a fake identity over email is not rocket science and in some cases can lead to fraudulent business transactions.

Fax Technology in the 21st Century

Faxing indispensability has prompted the creation of a number of software and user technologies, like eFax, which offer all the security and reliability of fax but with all the conveniences of internet communication. 

The modern solution to fax comes in the form of fax over Internet or email/fax technology. This gives businesses the capability to send and receive documents via email. Once users subscribe to their preferred price plan they are assigned a number, which can be a geographic, local, freephone or toll free number. This number is then linked to your email, where you can send and receive all your faxes as attachments. 

This relatively new technology also cuts down on business expenses by eliminating the need to keep stock of paper and toner, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest costs in operating a traditional machine. With eFax all your documents are securely saved in your inbox, meaning you only have to print what you need. 

As well as reducing your business’s operation costs, online faxing also increases reliability as your messages are transmitted via a more dependable and secure network. Furthermore, faxes can now be sent and received anywhere, as you can always access your eFax account through your smartphone or tablet – as long as an internet connection is accessible.

Faxing is Here to Stay

Communication technologies have come and gone in the past, however we’re confident that fax is still as needed today as it was decades ago. Internet fax boasts an undeniable range of benefits not present in newer forms of business communication. 

What makes traditional machines outdated are the inefficiencies associated with them, however eFax solves all of these by streamlining faxing over the internet. 

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