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Clunky Fax Machines are a Thing of the Past!

– by eFax Team

Bulky, expensive and fixed in one place are often the terms used to describe the fax equipment of the not-so-distant past. Almost half a century after the first “modern” fax apparatus was introduced, the humble machine has undergone a complete overhaul.

Today the fax machine has evolved to cater to a more mobile and decentralised business landscape. Thanks to technology, faxing has now become portable and accessible on all modern smartphones!

Integrating Email and Fax

A simple concept is behind this newfound portability of the fax machine – email. Email technology has allowed people to send and receive faxes via their Gmail, Hotmail or Outlook accounts. 

The invention of the smartphone and other mobile devices has revolutionised the way businesses communicate with one another and with their customers. Virtual fax means that organisations now have the ability to send and receive emails wherever they are and whenever they want, as long as internet connection is available.

Now, employees or business executives can receive and transmit faxes over their iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry mobile devices. Additionally, this centralises all your messages in designated portals, meaning keeping on top of and accessing your messages and communications has never been easier.

Faxing Without Complications

The good thing about receiving fax via email is that there’s no adjustment that needs to be done from the sender’s end. People who subscribe to online services are assigned their own number, which can also be local or toll free. 

When someone is sending you a message from a traditional fax machine, he or she doesn’t have to punch in a special code or do anything that’s complicated to send their document. They only have to type in your fax number and you’ll receive the document as an email attachment in your inbox – simple! 

Furthermore, most online services are loaded with extra features such as digital message archiving and scheduled sending. These extra conveniences make business communications more streamlined and efficient, which is ideal for a mobile workforce.

Reliability and Security

Having a handheld facsimile device allows you to send and receive messages without worrying about paper, toner and other supplies. Since, it’s done online, businesses no longer need to worry about their machine malfunctioning. Likewise, problems associated with the conventional fax machine such as busy lines, transmittal failures and service outages are minimised through this new technology. 

Also, communication done online is usually safeguarded by the most advanced data security measures. Faxes printed on paper can be easily misplaced and data security and confidentiality might be compromised. This risk is significantly minimised with mobile and online services unless someone hacks into your email inbox.

Nowadays, thanks to technology, business operations are becoming more and more dispersed. Employees are no longer confined to their office’s four walls and are constantly on the move. Telecommunication tools such as faxing are evolving with this trend. With mobile faxing, sending a fax is just a swipe, touch or a click away.

If your business objectives means that your employees are always on the go, then portable faxing might be the solution you need. To avail of your free trial, simply pick the price plan that suits your business’s needs and start faxing online today.

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