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Go Paperless with Online Faxing

– by eFax Team

Traditional fax machines do a great job of sending and receiving faxes, however it can prove to be a costly piece of office equipment to run in the long-term.

Our figures, based on your calculated average usage over the course of one year, show that a single fax machine can cost more than £600 a year to keep running.

The £600 sum includes the one-off costs of buying the hardware, as well as line installation, rental, ribbons and electricity and this is all before factoring in the cost of general maintenance and depreciation over time. Not to mention that the mountains of paper, storage space, filing systems and extra manpower required can all prove to be even costlier than expected.

Tackle Your Over-Reliance on Paper

One of the best ways to run a paperless office is to opt for an online service where you can send and receive faxes quickly, efficiently and, better still, through email attachments. By choosing a paperless corporate internet faxing solution like eFax, you’ll instantly reduce your paper usage and in turn improve your carbon footprint.
Aside from being cost-effective and environmentally friendly, online faxing ensures that you’ll never lose an important document again. Users can easily archive documents so that they’re always accessible for future use or documentation. Privacy and security are paramount objectives when using fax, all online faxes received into your inbox will remain strictly private.

If you have an existing fax number, you can move this number to your new online fax service provider at no extra charge. On the other hand, you can also opt for a new local or freephone number to help broaden your reach, especially if you’re based internationally and want to make your business appear local.

Cost-Effective Faxing

Running a paperless office can lead to a significant reduction in costs and with lots of great software out there, there’s no excuse not to go green this year. As well as being environmentally friendly, companies can make exceptional savings by going paperless.

The savings improve as we offer free fax minutes within our range of service plans to suit all business needs. So, if you do consider switching to an online service, the savings can be significant. Without the need for a machine or a dedicated phone line and the corresponding escalating costs of long distance charges for transmissions, you can reallocate this extra budget elsewhere.
For the most part, there are savings all around when you opt for an online service. Rest assured, your employees will remain more productive since they don’t have to waste time around the machine, waiting for that seemingly endless and costly roll of paper to make an appearance.

With eFax, you’re at liberty to print only the faxes you actually need, thus instantly reducing your carbon footprint. Year-on year, an increasing number of British businesses are trading in their traditional fax machines for the budget-friendly, efficient and secure option of online faxing.

If you feel like the time is right and your business is ready to move forward, get in touch with eFax today and start using eFax to help move your firm forward in an environmentally-friendly and cost-effective manner.

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