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At Home Fax Machine: Faxing from the Home Office

– by eFax Team

Working from home has never been more popular, but with increased demands comes the need for more sustainable long-distance communication. eFax explains how businesses can retain fax functionality at home without using fax machines.

Communicating from the Home Office

Remote work does not mean diminished responsibility — working from home still requires the same functionality and capabilities as working from a traditional office environment. For some businesses, that means fax documents need to be sent. However, corporate fax machines are not devices built for the home.

Fax Services That Offer a Solution

Home fax may sound like a barrier to effective work, but it doesn’t have to be. Large and cumbersome, expensive fax machines are not technology suited for the home office. However, new cloud-fax services like eFax remove the need for fax machines, while still enabling full fax functionality.


The Rise of Home Business

More and more businesses are operating out of a residential environment. Improvements to digital technology and online connectivity mean it’s easier than ever to set up a business out of your home. And why wouldn’t you? The benefits are clear to see. From reduced overheads, such as payments for additional property, to improved flexibility of working hours and a better work/life balance, there are countless reasons for a person to ditch the office desk and start a company from the comfort of their own home.

But, it’s not all good news. As with all things in life, there are challenges to overcome.

The Problem with Home Fax Machines

Many businesses still operate fax machines. In fact, most large businesses use fax machines, which has a trickle-down effect even for small companies, who must use fax to communicate certain data. The result is that without the ability to send and receive faxes, your home business can risk major barriers to effective document sharing — which means you need a fax machine.

However, fax machines are expensive. They are also large, bulky and resource-intensive. They’re also immobile and not secure when it comes to data connection or information sharing, and so a recipe for disaster in the home office. Fax machines need an old-fashioned phone line, too. Many modern homes have done away with these, in favour of digital devices and solutions. Even if you haven’t, you’ll need to pay for a separate phone line for a fax machine to avoid disruption.

The fax machine really has no place in the home office environment. It doesn’t fit with the modern ideals of remote connectivity, and why should it? The fax machine was designed in the 1800s before the first plane even took to the air. It was not built for our modern lifestyle.

The Home Fax Barrier

Your small business now has a problem.

Fax can be an essential practice for reaching out to other businesses and customers. To give up fax could be the difference between success and failure — at the very least, it isn’t going to help your numbers. But having a fax machine in the home office is impractical. So does that mean you have to take steps to introduce outdated and potentially harmful technology? Or must you give up on the home office dream and retain the traditional work environment simply so you can send a fax without opening yourself up to the nightmare world of having a fax machine at home?

In short, the answer is no. You can send faxes from home without a fax machine. You can also go about receiving faxes too. How? Through simple cloud faxing services, like those offered by us here at eFax.

How to Send and Receive Faxes from Your Home Office

The new age of home office work is facilitated by digital tools that allow for traditional workplace activities to occur remotely, but still to the same standards of quality. For example, communication platforms enable messages to be sent effectively, while cloud-based working software enables easy collaboration from anywhere a computer device can connect to the internet. There are new tools available for everything, and that includes the ability to send faxes.

Online fax enables fax transmission through mobile devices and computers. With eFax, you can log in to our online portal and submit a fax, or you can download our fax app and send it through our bespoke software. You don’t even need wi-fi to submit a fax document. If your mobile network allows for data transmission, you can send your document using your mobile data. To find out more about eFax, visit our how eFax works page.

Why Is eFax the Service You Need?

eFax essentially offers you a fax line without needing an old-fashioned fax machine. You still have the same fax service, and even a fax number, but you don’t need an active telephone line or centuries-old hardware to send fax. Instead, you can send fax from devices you already have, such as your work phone or laptop. There is no wasting resources or space, and you don’t need to purchase new equipment. Our service offers a way of sending and receiving fax documents in a way that fits with the flexible and autonomous nature of home office life. It’s essentially as versatile as accessing email, but instead of email, it’s fax!

Don’t be without vital fax features, but don’t get caught up in having an unnecessary home office fax machine either. eFax offers you a service that enables home office fax without the disadvantages of a fax machine. Sign up today and get your digital fax number immediately!

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