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The Difference between Fax and eFax: Why Take Fax Online?

– by eFax Team

Fax machines aren’t your only option for sending fax documents anymore. eFax provides a new solution to a centuries-old system. But what are the differences between fax and eFax? Is it worth moving to new technology?

Article overview:

What Is eFax?

eFax is a completely digital fax system that allows businesses to send fax documents over the internet.

There is no fax hardware required, nor do you need special setups. Fax is sent from your computer, smartphone or tablet using our online solutions.

The Difference between Fax and eFax

Through the use of digital technology, eFax can offer a range of solutions that fax machines cannot. It can also provide numerous benefits over the legacy hardware.

Faster communication, less downtime and more cost-effective solutions for your business. These are all advantages to be gained from eFax.

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What Is eFax?

We all know what a fax machine is and what it does, but what about online faxing? Before we can look at the difference between fax and eFax, it’s important to understand what eFax actually is. eFax is both a brand and a term used to describe online or “electronic” faxing. Both offer the same solution: faxing over the internet.

Online faxing is a straightforward practice that eliminates the need for the legacy fax machine. It allows you to send and receive fax documents over the internet using phones, computers and tablets. Instead of transmitting physical paper files, our system operates using digital documents like PDFs. You upload your document to your eFax account and send it using our custom-built online portal. This process means you don’t have to print off documents to fax them. However, if you want to fax a physical document, you can always capture it using smartphone cameras for easy upload to our service.

The Difference between Fax and eFax

Now that it’s clear what online faxing is, we can look at the difference between fax and eFax:

Fax Machine



Immobile and heavy hardware units that often require landline connection to operate

Accessible anywhere with an internet connection. Allows for flexible and remote faxing


Requires ink, toner, paper and maintenance, resulting in high costs from regular usage

A totally digital format that only requires access to digital devices. Low cost and light on resources


The ability to send and receive fax documents from other fax machines

Large file transfers, submits fax to multiple recipients, simultaneous access for several users and more

Legal Uses

Send and receive legal documentation through submission of signatures and reliable date stamps

Send and receive legal documentation through electronic signatures and date stamps


Purchase machines and find office space for new units to increase fax volume. Or remove old and unused units if volume decreases

Immediately purchase a higher number of online fax credits to keep up with demand, or reduce subscription size to fit your needs

Document Management

Print and store all required documents in physical units such as filing cabinets

Save and archive received and sent documents on secure cloud servers for easy access


Limited security options, leading to the potential for unauthorised third-party access

Advanced encryption, 24/7 live security monitoring and access controls to files

The Benefits of Online Fax over Fax Machines

The above highlights the difference between fax and eFax, and the disparities in the technology that now exists. Old-fashioned fax machines were unrivalled in their day. But developments in digital solutions now mean online faxing offers a much more viable fax system for businesses. Switching from legacy fax machines to eFax means you can better support your brand’s communication goals through these powerful benefits:

  • Superior Document Access

    Old-fashioned fax machines create physical files. These files need to be stored if useful or disposed of if not. This situation creates either unnecessary waste or the need for facilities to house the documentation. Physical files are then easy to misplace or damage. The answer to this could be to upload fax into a computer system for more manageable storage. But then, why not just use eFax instead? All files sent and received via eFax are stored online for instant access and management. Make referrals to important documents simple and straightforward, with no risk of files getting lost. Disposal is also as easy as clicking delete.

  • Increase Data Security

    Fax machines were designed in the 1800s and made popular in the 70s. But while innovative for their time, they are not built for modern data security threats. Fax machines are easy to hack and come with a wealth of other problems, such as the increased risk of human error and a high chance of unauthorised file access. These risks can create major problems for businesses, especially in light of new GDPR laws. eFax, however, features a wealth of security benefits that help to secure your documents and bring fax data security in line with 21st-century demands.

  • Enhanced Workplace Flexibility

    Remote and flexible working is becoming an ever-present part of the modern office environment. With the rise of remote working comes a need for solutions to facilitate the demand. Fax machines are not supportive of flexible work. They are not mobile or remotely connective. eFax, however, is a completely remote experience. You can send online fax from anywhere you have an internet connection, which means flexible working becomes easy for anyone who needs to send fax as part of their job.

  • More Advanced Fax Transmission

    eFax is not just faxing done online. The difference between fax and eFax goes far beyond that. Online fax solutions come equipped with numerous new features and functionality unattainable through the use of legacy fax machines. Included in these features are options like allowing multiple members of staff to access fax solutions at any one time — instead of having to queue to send a fax or print a document. You can also send a fax to multiple recipients at once, rather than having to submit one by one.

  • Lower Running Costs for Your Business

    Let’s be honest, all the above benefits might sound great, but for many businesses, making any change can ultimately come down to cost. If a fax machine is cheaper than digital faxing, you’ll likely stick to the former. eFax is actually a much more cost-effective solution for your business. Monthly subscription costs are low, and there are no additional fees. You don’t have to pay for the resources required to send paper fax. You also don’t need to pay for fax numbers, phone lines, maintenance and the actual costs of the units themselves.

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