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Online Fax is Your Business’s Communication Solution

– by eFax Team

From Land’s End to John o’ Groats, businesses up and down the country rely on efficient and easy-to-use communication systems. Whether it’s email, phone or fax, your communication solution needs to fit your business’s needs. An integral part of how your company functions, no business can survive without a solid communication’s plan. 

And whilst 100% essential, a decent communication network can be a huge expense for organisations to bear. Luckily, eFax offers an easy way to keep your overhead costs down, while still enjoying top-quality communications tool and by subscribing to an online faxing service you’ll significantly reduce your expenses.

No Need for Additional Phone Lines

A lot of UK businesses still have telefax numbers – a phone line and number in one –  which is not advisable, because if someone is sending you a fax and someone else is using the phone, you won’t receive your message. 

Therefore, organisations are normally encouraged to install two separate phone lines, one for your fax and other for landline calls. However, this is a costly solution and will only cause your bills to sky-rocket.

eFax provides an online faxing service which means you don’t have to get new phone lines installed, as every message is sent and received through your email – an innovative idea that’ll save you a fortune.
When signing up to eFax, you’ll still be assigned a number, which you can typically select from an inventory of available numbers. These are filtered by geographic location, free-phone, local and toll-free numbers depending on your business’s needs.

Cutting Down on Supplies

Unfortunately, relying on traditional fax equipment also means that you’re relying on a vast array of supplies to keep it working. These include thermal paper, ink or toner and if you receive lots of messages per day, several paper rolls and ink cartridges will be needed throughout the month.

And what would happen if someone sent you a bulky document, like a proposal or a signed contract? Undoubtedly your machine would go into overdrive printing off reams of paper, which will see your supplies deplete and your expenses will increase right before your very eyes.

The beauty of moving your fax online, means you don’t have to fork out for these supplies anymore. Digital allows you to save important documents online and only print what you need, making it more cost-efficient and environment-friendly.

Great Value for Money

eFax offers a range of different pricing models and packages that’ll suit any budget or business objective. Online faxing will always offer more value for money, since there are added features, which are not present in traditional machines. 

As well as additional features, businesses can avail of discounts or special offers when they pay annually, rather than on a monthly basis. eFax currently provides 2 months free, when you sign up for a one year subscription. 

With all these advantages there’s no excuse not to sign up to an internet fax service and save hundreds of pounds each year. Sign up and start your free trial today.

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