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How to Choose the Best Online Fax Service: Finding Your New Provider?

– by eFax Team

Finding the best online fax service for your business can be crucial. When fax documents are important to your company, the wrong solutions could spell disaster. eFax offer tips and advice on finding the best online fax service.

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Why All Online Fax Services Aren't Equal

Why consider which is the best online fax service for your business at all? Surely they all offer the same basic services?

Like fax machines themselves, you get different experiences and benefits depending on the product you buy. The best online fax services help your business grow and develop, while inferior solutions offer only basic and undeveloped solutions.

But how can you tell which services are good, and which aren’t?

What to Look for in the Best Online Fax Service

Finding the best fax online fax service for your business isn’t as difficult as it might seem. While there are many options to choose from, very few offer what you really need.

The best online fax services will include several important benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, strong reliability and vital security features. Looking out for online fax that consists of the right tools for your business helps you support better communication.

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Where to Look for Online Fax Services

There should be only one place you are looking for an online fax service. Online fax experts should be qualified in all digital platforms. If you cannot locate them through online methods, you can immediately eliminate them as contenders for your business. Brands advertising in outdated spaces are not the kind of solution providers you want. You might as well keep using outdated fax machines, too. Search for the best online fax services using the internet and you’ll only find those who really understand the online space.

Why Are Online Fax Services Different?

As is typical in any industry, what’s on offer from one company is likely to be different from another. Some of these differences may be subtle — others glaring. When it comes to finding the best online faxing service, the variety of solutions on offer can change depending on several factors. These include:
  • Budget Services

    You will find a range of different price brackets available, from absolute barebones free submissions to overkill packages with a string of unnecessary add ons.
  • Small Business vs. Large Business

    Not all businesses offering online fax services are the same size. You’ll find some small businesses providing what they sell as a “personal touch” that perhaps lacks the resources and backing of larger firms.
  • Industry Experience

    The people behind the service can often be the difference between the best online fax services and the worst. Experience, expertise and credentials are crucial. You’ll find teams vary from business to business, with the best providers often staffed by the most qualified individuals.
  • Software Complexity

    There are different degrees of complexity when it comes to online faxing. Some services offer very basic file transmission. Others — like eFax — push for more bespoke tools and functionality to enhance the user experience and take services beyond simple digital document sharing.

How to Find the Best Online Fax Service: The Complete Checklist

Given the differences in solution providers, finding the best online fax service might sound like a challenge. But it doesn’t have to be. This checklist will help you perform a quick analysis of the product on offer, so you can work out if the service is right for you:

Specialised Services 

Some online fax services will come bundled in with other solutions. You don’t want this. The best online fax services will always be specialists. Brands that have devoted their time and resources into bringing you one thing and one thing only: Online fax.

Focus on Security 

Data security is vital in the modern era. All fax you send needs to be secure. The best online fax services are going to push for the ultimate in security with data encryption and security monitoring. You should avoid those that don’t offer this service. 

Balanced Cost-Benefit Ratio

Expensive services are unlikely to offer you good value for money. Cheap services won’t give you the versatility you need. Evaluate costs and weigh up price vs the product. The best online fax service will provide a balance between fees and utility. 

Dedicated Customer Service

Some of the more cheap-and-cheerful online fax services are basically just a website with a few fax features. For a business with responsibilities and customers, you need more. Find an online fax provider that offers genuine customer support. 

Credible Industry Expertise 

A quality and stable product is built by experts with experience and knowledge of their industry. Look for signs that demonstrate credibility, such as accreditations, reviews and history within the online faxing business. 

Accountable Reliability 

For some businesses, faxing is critical to success. You need to be sure your fax is always up and running. This means you need to know there is a team behind the service you use dedicated to looking after your platform and supporting your needs.

Opportunities for Scaling

Businesses regularly face ebbs and flows. The solutions suitable for you today may not be appropriate next month or next year. The best online fax service doesn’t lock you in, and will allow you to adapt; scaling for both increased and decreased fax volume.

Commitment to Updates

Developments in technology mean there is always room for new opportunities when it comes to online services. Your fax service needs to be making updates and growing instead of sticking with the same old tools year after year.

Strong Functionality

Online fax can offer so much more than just file transmission. The best online fax services are going to provide additional features to enhance business communication. These features include tools like a fax app, access controls, document management and more.

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