Fax By Email. How It Works

eFax is a unique fax service that enables you to send and receive faxes by email, online and via mobile.

Sending Faxes by Email

With eFax®, you send and receive faxes by email, meaning you will no longer need to use a conventional fax machine. So long as you you have access to your email account, whether you're at home, in the office or on the road, you can make use of your eFax account. eFax works with any kind of email account, including Outlook, Gmail and AOL, allowing you to avoid the problems typically associated with traditional fax machines such as paper jams and ‘busy’ signals. With the ability to send faxes at any time and from anywhere, eFax is a cost-effective and flexible business solution.

How to Send and Receive Faxes by Email

Sending and receiving faxes via email is easy: Once you have logged into your eFax account and have linked it to your email account, you will receive an email notification of each fax received to your new eFax number. This cannot be distinguished from a normal fax number. If you need to send a fax from your email account to a regular fax number, simply send an email to the fax number of your desired recipient in the field where you would normally input their email address. The message will then arrive at their fax machine as if you had sent it the old-fashioned way.

how to send step 1
Go to your email and start composing a new message
Type the recipient's fax number followed by into the “To:” field
Attach the document you wish to fax and click "Send Fax"

That’s it! Your recipient will receive the document directly on their fax machine. Exactly as they would a normal fax.

The Benefits of Faxing via Email

Sending faxes via email offers many key advantages over using a traditional fax machine:


Reduced Costs

Without the need to pay for paper, ink, toner, power and maintenance, your company will save money by switching to fax by email services.



A fax machine is confined to a specific location, but eFax can be used virtually anywhere thanks to the handy eFax mobile app.


Environmentally Friendly

As eFax messages can be read on screen, they don’t need to be printed out on paper, thereby saving trees and the environment.


Save Time

Sending messages through eFax is a lot quicker than the traditional method, taking no longer than the time it takes to send a simple email message.


Searchable Archives

Faxes sent through eFax make use of cloud storage, so are archived automatically, allowing you to find them easily for future reference.


Privacy & Security

As your incoming faxes are sent directly to your inbox, they can’t be accessed by anyone else, unlike traditional fax machines, where anyone can see the print outs.


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