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Nearly 17 billion faxes are sent each year, most of them by businesses. Your clients need a simple, reliable and cost-effective fax solution - one that doesn’t involve paper jams, busy signals or costly fax servers.

As a partner of eFax Corporate, the world’s #1 online fax company, you can help your clients send and receive business faxes securely online. As a reseller you'll add a lucrative new revenue stream to your business and as a referral partner you will benefit from referral bonuses.

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A fully hosted and recognised cloud based service used by millions of businesses, eFax Corporate will let your clients securely send and receive faxes by email. Businesses use our service to boost productivity, enhance regulatory compliance and reduce their overall faxing costs.


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eFax Corporate securely transmits over 1 billion fax pages every month as the most widely deployed online fax service to the Fortune 500. As an eFax Corporate Partner, you can underscore your business’ high standards by offering the service trusted by more major healthcare, legal, financial and other highly-regulated firms trust than any other online fax provider to transmit sensitive documents.

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eFax Corporate helps differentiate your product suite with a cost-effective, proven, feature rich solution to your clients’ enterprise faxing needs — a powerful new offering that will help increase the lifetime value of your existing and new clients.


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Our partner philosophy is that when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why eFax Corporate offers you and your sales and support staff ongoing, anytime, support.

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