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Save & Store Documents Securely Online


At eFax UK, we will save and store every message and document you ever send or receive on a secure cloud-based storage system, free of charge - You will then have the ability to easily locate and retrieve all of your faxes through your online eFax UK account. With this excellent internet-based service, you can upload all of your documents to the cloud-based storage system and access your files whenever you want, from any location, whether you are using a desktop computer or mobile device.

Your unlimited eFax UK cloud storage system will continue to remain active and fully searchable for the entire duration of your online eFax account’s lifespan. This means that so long as you are subscribed to eFax, you will never have to worry about losing or misplacing an important file. Everything you need will be readily available and easily accessed at a moment’s notice from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Storage System Features


Find Old Documents With Ease

You will never have to worry about losing an important fax file again. All of your files will be stored on eFax UK’s secure online servers for as long as you choose to keep your eFax account active. This way no files will ever go missing.


Save Storage Space

The weakness of traditional hard-drives is that they are prone to running out of space. This is not a problem as far as eFax UK’s unlimited cloud-based storage system is concerned. Here you can store as many files and documents as you like, with no upper limit!


Save Time & Money

With eFax UK’s cloud-based storage system, you can quickly and easily find archived faxes whenever you need them via an easy to use search function. Remember, time saved is money saved, as you will no longer need to spend valuable man hours figuring out which hard-drive that all important file is

More Great Features From eFax UK

There can be no denying that, as far as storing documents is concerned, the cloud really is the way of the future. In fact, the future is here right now! If a company wishes to thrive in the modern business world, it really needs to make the jump to the online sphere or risk being left behind by its competitors. These cloud-based systems give your company the speed and flexibility that is required to succeed in the modern working environment.

While the eFax UK cloud storage system is a really good feature, it is but one of many in eFax’s bespoke suite of tools and features that can help you to bring your company to the next level and achieve your business goals. Some of the other features that you get access to with a full eFax UK account include large file transfers, electronic signatures and custom fax cover sheet templates.

So what are you waiting for? Start your free trial now and start using all of these great online faxing features today!


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