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eFax®Helps Bankers Streamline Customer Communication

Bankers use eFax to respond quickly to customer needs from any connected device.

Simplify Document Transfer

From loan applications to investor information, banks have a lot of sensitive data they need to be able to transfer securely. With eFax, bankers can address client needs quickly and efficiently while adhering to regulatory requirements. Using cloud faxing, bankers can safeguard sensitive financial information while responding to urgent client needs on the go. eFax also eliminates fax machine wait times and maintenance by transferring the entire process online.
Send and receive faxes in minutes.
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Experience On-the-Go Faxing for the Modern Workflow

Most employees are no longer tied to a desk. With smartphones and devices, your employees and customers often work on the fly. eFax allows remote faxing and secure document transfer with our convenient mobile app.

With a user-friendly faxing app, you can use your eFax account from your iPhone or Android. Address customer needs no matter where you are, using any smartphone, laptop or tablet connected to the internet.

  • Reduce wait times on the loan application process or stock transfers by conducting business from your device. Avoid the crowded office or waiting on a fax line to be clear so you can send your documents.
  • Send and receive records quickly and securely. You can use the app for convenient internal and external transaction records on any mobile device with eFax iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Manage safe transmission of EIN and tax information documents without needing to print out anything for signatures. All signatures can be added directly on the eFax app!

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Banking is a heavily regulated industry because of all the sensitive data and assets involved. According to the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, financial institutions must protect critical customer data to protect their privacy. Banks must ensure safeguarded transmissions whenever customer information or sensitive data is involved. Some information must be encrypted before it is transmitted online. Cloud faxing allows banks to meet these high cybersecurity standards to avoid costly fines and data breaches.

Your customers need to trust your bank. 

A data breach could mean expensive fines, angry customers and a harmed reputation. For the sake of the people you serve, you need up-to-date solutions that offer the most security.

Online fax transmissions are more secure and difficult to hack than email due to their encrypted nature. They are more secure than traditional fax machines because they don’t require printing and scanning paper documents.

Provide reliable information faster. 

For most banks, time is of the essence when it comes to communication. You need to offer instant alerts and confirmations to keep up with today’s customer expectations. Compliance requirements often require certain notifications to be delivered regarding many of your financial services. Other digital alternatives (like email) don’t offer the security or data record required by law.

Because bankers handle sensitive information every day, they must protect client information. Safeguarding information requires investing in efficient and reliable faxing technology. With eFax, our clients know they can access top industry tools with the best online faxing solution available.

Online Faxing Features for Banks

To boost productivity, you want an electronic faxing service that provides an intuitive interface and key features. eFax increases productivity by integrating easily with cloud-based applications to improve organization and customer management for bankers.

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Free Online Storage

Use free online storage with your eFax account, retaining all fax sent or received. Automatically keep all date and time stamps for legally binding documentation on fax history.

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Folders or tagging

Use customizable tags, keyword categories and folders to keep track of all faxed files easily. Quickly sort files by customer, category or document type.

icon cloud storage
Cloud Storage

Use third-party cloud document storage apps, including Dropbox, Google Drive and iCloud. eFax easily integrates with most standard apps and platforms, supporting over 170 file types.

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Global Banking Solutions

If your bank isn’t limited to the U.S., then you may need international faxing options. Many countries, like Germany or Japan, encourage faxing over other methods for sending important documents. eFax is available in 46 countries and continues to expand, providing faxing capabilities where you need them most.

The slower process of banking internationally can face further delays if you aren’t using secure fax. Email often contains spam and is considered a less valid form of contact than faxes.

With eFax, bankers can maintain seamless international relationships with customers and financial partners. In just a few easy steps, you can use international dialing codes to send your faxes directly to international recipients securely.

Images Features Legal

Import your client contacts and address books directly into your eFax account. Simply select client information from your contact list whenever you want to fax a file.

Enable fax delivery confirmations via email to alert you when important documents arrive for the recipient.

Streamline the process for communicating for domestic and international customers on any connected device.

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Why Use Secure Online Faxing?

Banks have been responsible for filing, organizing and sending sensitive financial client data for decades. Expectations for on-demand information have made it even more critical for banks to keep up with modern communication tools. eFax offers a variety of essential features for today’s banking services.

Some of the most common documents sent via bank fax include:


Business LicensesMortgage DocumentsLoan Agreements
Business Loan ApplicationsStock Transfer ConfirmationsEIN Documents
Tax InformationCollection NoticesCredit Documents
man desk computer sending fax

The use of fax technology continues to increase as top-level institutions in the financial sector recognize the benefits. Increased integration has enabled financial groups and banks to connect online faxing with the other platforms they use easily. The right faxing platform will work hand-in-hand with other systems and offer plenty of options for scalability in the future as tools change.

Automated Data Archiving

With cloud-based faxing, banks can also rest assured that crucial documents are backed up offsite. eFax saves all faxed documents on a secure cloud server, protecting it in the case of an outage or disaster. The free online storage allows banks to simplify their recovery efforts and protect valuable information.

Fax Tracking and Receipts

It’s essential to know your information goes to the correct account and isn’t blocked or lost along the way. While emails can often end up in spam folders and mail can get lost in transit, electronic faxes are highly reliable and secure. Electronic fax allows you to track communications and ensure quick delivery. Receipts provided upon delivery make it possible to know if your documents or files were received.

Reduced Resource Waste

Electronic faxing provides a solution that lowers the amount of time and supplies wasted in the process. Not only will a faster faxing process save you time, but you will also save on paper, ink and bulky machines. Reducing your carbon footprint with less paper waste is a green initiative that is good for the environment and something you can proudly share with your customers.

Avoid Rekeying Data

With traditional faxing and paperwork, information often has to be rekeyed into your system for electronic storage. Digital file transformation is a time-consuming process that can be entirely avoided with online faxing. You can receive digital files in their original format or take a picture of a physical paper to “scan” it for your fax.

Simplifying Electronic Signatures

Online faxing makes it possible to sign important documents without printing or scanning them. eFax allows you to sign documents from your account by drawing or saving your unique signature. Whenever you need to sign a document, you can use eFax to add your saved signature to the right line quickly.

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