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The Most Secure Fax Protocols

Safeguard your documents

eFax Protect is enabled with AES 2256-bit encryption protocols that allows you to transmit medical documents safely while ensuring that the privacy of your patient remains confidential and protected from unauthorized access during transmission.


Access Controls and Authentication

Help prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your fax documents and ensure that only authorized personnel can send, receive, or view sensitive information.


Integration and Workflow Efficiency

eFax Protect seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and workflows, allowing for streamlined document management, archiving, and access. Fax from our iOS and Android mobile app, eFax Messenger tool, and My Portal web app.


Searchable PDFs

Searchable PDFs allow you to search for specific keywords or phrases for more streamlined document management.

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Safeguard Privacy with HIPAA Compliance

$49.99 Now Just $15 for Your First Month – 68% Savings!

How eFax Protect can Benefit Your Organization

Looking for a cloud fax solution combining security, compliance and convenience?

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$49.99 Now Just $15 for Your First Month – 68% Savings!

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