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The power of eFax in the palm of your hand.

Tap into the power of eFax® with our mobile fax app for iPhone, now the fastest, easiest way to sign, edit and send faxes on the go.
This mobile app allows you to transform your iPhone or iPad into a mobile fax machine. Simply swipe your finger across the screen to sign a fax and close the deal from wherever you are.

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3 Key eFax Mobile App Features

When you want a faster, more convenient way to send faxes from your iPhone or iPad, this is the fax app to have on your mobile devices. Learn more about how you can send a fax, sign a fax, and even take a photo of your fax with the eFax Mobile App.

Send a Fax

Whether you’re on the road, at home or in the office, being able to send a fax quickly and easily from your iPhone or iPad is a huge time-saver.
To send a fax on the go, simply open the app and attach the fax document you wish to send. You have the option to fill out a cover page here as well. Input your recipient’s contact information from your phone’s contact list and hit “Send.” It’s that simple.

“I love being able to have my faxes on hand!”


Sign a Fax

We understand that fax documents can be time-sensitive and confidential, which is why it is critical to be able to sign your faxes directly from your iPhone or iPad.
Two convenient ways to digitally sign your faxes:
  1. Sign with your finger across the screen of your phone or tablet
  2. Take a photo of your handwritten signature with your phone or tablet
Once you’re done creating a signature, simply insert it into your fax document, and then reposition and resize the signature image to your liking. Your signature will be automatically stored so you can instantly access it whenever you need it.

“The app makes it easy to get contracts signed quickly and timely!”


Take a Photo and Fax

Now you can take pictures with the iPhone’s built-in camera and fax them at once.

Using your iPhone or iPad, simply take a photo of the physical document you would like to fax.The software will compress the camera phone images into clear, readable PDF documents for easy sending and retrieval. Just point, shoot and fax!

“No business owner should be without this app!”


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What else can the mobile app do?

Print faxes
using Airprint

Add notes
to your fax

Share files with
3rd party apps

Add notes
to your fax

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