Receiving Faxes

How Do I Receive Faxes with eFax?

Your eFax® number allows you to receive a fax from anyone, even those without an eFax account, just like a regular fax number. All faxes sent to your eFax number arrive in your email inbox as either a PDF or TIFF attachment. Simply open your email and double click the attachment to view your fax. You can also view incoming faxes online through the eFax Message Center, or open and view faxes directly through the eFax mobile app.

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If you have an eFax Plus® or eFax Pro™ account, there are several quick ways to receive your faxes. Learn more about each method by clicking on the links below.

Faxes sent to your eFax number will arrive as attachments to an email from eFax in your inbox. They will come from the email address: eFax [[email protected]]. The subject line of your email will be “Fax Received From (Fax Number)”. Please be sure to add this email address to your contact book to prevent your faxes from going into your Spam folder.

Faxes are also delivered and stored in your eFax Message Center. To access the eFax Message Center, log into eFax My Account, and click View Faxes.

eFax Plus® and eFax Pro™ customers can receive faxes at up to five (5) email addresses per eFax number at no additional charge. Learn more

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