eFax Message Center

What is eFax Message Center?

eFax® Message Center gives you centralized access to your eFax account online anytime. The Message Center is an inbox in your eFax MyAccount portal, where you can view and send faxes with your electronic signature, and resend your stored faxes. You can also manage your contact lists and add “tags” to your faxes, which are keywords that you can associate with a fax to make it easier to search for later.

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Think of the Message Center as your online inbox, where you easily manage your eFax account. You can view and forward your faxes, add an electronic signature, manage contact lists, and search for old faxes. In the Message Center, you can also change your eFax® account settings.
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You can view any faxes you have sent or received through eFax by logging in to your eFax Message Center.
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You can easily send a fax online directly from the eFax Message Center.
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Store the names and numbers of people you fax frequently within your eFax account. Manage your contacts and import new ones from the Contacts tab in your eFax Message Center.
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You can access your previously sent or received faxes anytime by logging in to your eFax Message Center.
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eFax Message Center offers a number of tools to help you better organize your faxes for easier search and retrieval. You can move or delete, add tags, and search for faxes in your eFax account. To find a fax in Message Center, you can search for keywords found in the subject or body of the fax, or by tags you’ve applied to your sent or received faxes.
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Emailing or faxing copies of your electronic faxes is easy from your eFax Message Center.
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You can create reusable electronic signatures within eFax Message Center, which can be added to your stored faxes. The Signed_Docs folder is where eFax stores copies the faxes you’ve signed in this way.

You can add an electronic signature to any fax you send through eFax, even using your smartphone’s mobile app.
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